He never looks natur- al. Literateurs only need the club as a place where a library may be consulted, and where ideas may be exchanged be- tween members and friends. Fortunately, by the time that statistics threatened to be necessary in order to arrive at any definite conclusion as to which nation really is the more important, the train was announced. How to Make Photographs in a Bottle. The exposure was an instantaneous one, in a strong light, care being taken that the sheep were in middle ground, and that their attention was attracted. Burton and Andrew Pringle. Nix Specimen of Three-Color Work.

EW I believe of those who cross the Atlantic to visit the old country travel so far west as the fair land of Devon. Saturated solution of borax 6 ounces Chloride of gold i grain The salting solution is filtered into tray, a piece of tissue paper passed over its surface to remove dust, etc. There will be five Eclipses this year, three of the Sun and two of the Moon, as follows: Ex- pensive structures have been built in and near New York to support in mid-air the cameras to be used by view pho- tographers in taking photographs of build- ings closely hemmed in by narrow city streets. The generous response to our request for articles and pictures has resulted in a volume by no means inferior to its predecessors. From this negative a positive is made, in which, of course, the degree and range of transparency cor- respond to these curves. Cloth bound 75 No.

Nix Specimen of Three-Color Work. As may be seen, upon comparing the present with the ancient view of Shakespeare’s birth-place accompany- ing this article, the house has been so thoroughly renovated that its external appearance at the present time resem- bles that of a modern cottage, designed after the style of its original period.

From this negative a positive is made, in which, of course, the degree and range of transparency cor- respond to these curves. A glance at Fig. In a general composition nine examples out of every ten will almost be sure to show the presence of numerous things intended really to add strength to the picture, which through a faulty perception only rob it of much beauty and effectiveness.

There will be five Eclipses this year, three of the Sun and two of the Moon, as follows: Salvini, Irving, Ellen Terry are among these. My rep- resentative, who had been waiting for him at the Fifth Avenue hotel, brought the great statesman to the studio in a carriage. Glass Plates, Cut and Roll Film may all be used.

Size, 11 x 14 inches, suitable for framing. One’s knowledge of the diffusion of lights, of the actinic qualities of colors, of length of exposures under differing conditions, of under or over developing for given results, of under or over printing for the same effect, may be learned only by constant and repeated failures, by continual obser- vation, and unceasing application. With over illustrations. The linear structure is inherent in the nature of the process, but there are definite limitations, as already shown, under which it is ad- mitted, and these conditions must be carefully regarded.


If one has a Bank of England at his command, all things are possible; if a Bank of Spain — well, only some things are possible. W Home, Arch. The natural result is that I never have any difficulty in making good pictures of her. We need hardly say that the prints must be slightly under printed, to compensate for the extra den- sity obtained by heating the developer. Island City, the Astoria, and the South Brooklyn ferries all are worthy of attention.

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The folds and texture of fabrics and other things of similar value are brought out almost clearer than nature presents them to our view. In judging aim to have reasons. This latter point is one that de- mands special thought in all photographic work.

Library Edition ‘ 50 No. The shutter is exactly the same as the one furnished with the Henry Clay. HE finding- of views to photograph depends upon being able to see them. There is one kind of platino- type paper which we may pass over with only a very brief notice — the printing out platinotype paper. When such players refuse to be perpetuated in the great characters they personate so well, it amounts to a sin. These will appear in the pages of The Photographic Times.

The light after being thus filtered, impinges upon the sensitive photographic plate N which must be panchrom- atic, that IS, sensitive to all colors. I have often had people ask me which side of a person I usually photograph. Wishing the Hammer plate a long life, I remain, sincerely yours, Jacques Joel.

So let us look our field over again and see if we cannot find many spots that will make interesting pictures and help us pass a few hours in the search of the beautiful.

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The May afternoon selected by me for my work was all that any photographer could wish for, both as to a country brimful of interesting scenes, and a fine light, quite in keeping with what Northern New York has to offer in such fields, and conditions. These pans and none other should be used for these opera- tions. This deeper printing is always advisable when using old or damp paperand instead of using a potassium oxalate developer make up the following: I 7w2 used a stack of Hammer plates the past year with the best of results, and shall con- tinue to use them.


Of course it is not every first print that has the young lady for its subject, there is one other theme episose divides the attention of the newest recruits to our ranks. Being symmetrical, the front combination may be removed and the rear lens used alone, which practically doubles the focus.

Should it be desired to use the pan for purposes other than that to which it has 7q2 devoted, all that is necessary is to recoat the pan. Fully illustrated and very complete. When printing on the cold bath paper a very rich brown tone may be obtained by using- the following developer.

مسلسل حق ميت – الحلقة العشرون | Episode 20 – 7a2 Mayet

Clark 14, A Sail in Sight. Groups of animals prepared after this fashion are of the utmost importance. Therefore let the beginner especially beware of this in- temperate enthusiasm. Then measure the height and width of the ca.

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It is rare that odd shapes suit better than these geometrical forms which may be made to increase the beauty of your picture by cutting off objectionable forms or overbalancing lights or shadows. Pierce ’03 ” Morris Lane. The height of the roof is not great, had it been the towers would have been dwarfed, and these could not have been added to without spoiling their proportions. The colder the developer, the colder the image; the warmer the developer the browner the image.

Simplicity in painting often wins the artist of maye brush more renown than the most elaborate presentation of detail.

As practiced by M. The one is as difficult to avoid as the other is to produce, under the same circumstances of subject and light and lens. A positive PFig. The paper may often be used and pleasing results obtained in the following manner: B Oay, F. Many spots have pictorial value, but are not com- plete “compositions. It gave me such a selection of times of exposure that I took off my hat to the weird machine, and left it to judge for itself, only touching a stud or two and a lever for the looks of the thing, and so on throughout the dozen.

Cloth bound 3 00 No.