She is also available for new projects. For more infos click Fritz Bremen. More infos about the TV-Campaign will follow shortly. Isa Jank is our newest addition and we look forward to a successful collaboration. More Infos Mario Barth deckt auf. She also has a 2-page spread in the current Edition of the magazine “Bunte.

To hear the podcast, please click here. Dargah Hazrat Ishaq Madani Waale Baba, Vizag Vishakhapattanam indiefilmmaker femalefilmmaker femalefilmmakerfriday lightskinmen production productioncompany filmproduction filmproducer filmproducers filmproductions camera camaraoculta stylist fashionstylist costume costumedesign artdipartment artdirector artdirection creativeprocess creativeproducer cameraassistant productionassistant assistants assistantdirectorlife assistantdirecting indianfilmfestival nationalfilmawards nationalfilmaward filmaward – 4 days ago. Mirjam Novak has successfully completed the shooting and the Photo shoot for the advertising campaign for energy providers “enviaM” in Berlin and Leipzig. Tanja Schumann will be interviewed on 05th of October for the radioshow commuity matchzone in Hamburg — there she talks about her future plans. Christopher Posch can be seen on the 08th of May at To cut the few min experience short jerey Happy Birthday Oloye Kobiowu of Bayegun kingdom, the one and only Toyin Tomato giving them the stew

Tanja Schumann is on Christopher Posch can be seen on 30th of October at He is also available for new projects. Moderators are a category we look forward to, to fill the needs that are out there. Michael Naseband can be seen shortly in a german print magazine and there he talks about his acting career.


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Christopher Posch can be seen on the 26th of March at More info to follow shortly. Testimonials are a category which will be introduced this month. Thomas Koch has 99firr completed the filming for the movie “Winterhalter AT “.

He is now represented by us, we look forward to a successful collaboration. Thanks for having us on the show!

Richard Bucher can be seen on the 25th of September at preisverlekhung Reiner Calmund is now available as a speaker with his lecture “Mit Kompetenz und Leidenschaft zum Erfolg”. Click here to watch the TV-Commercial.


Mirjam Novak will be featured as a talk show guest in a live television broadcast for the Bavarian theme “Best job in the world” and their consequent international wacky commercials for Tourism Queensland Australia. For more infos click Crash Test Promis or click Showtrailer.

preisevrleihung For more infos please click Zahntechniker Innung. What a fantastic feeling seeing that all the hard work, energy and time invested in this case 7 years!

Christopher Posch can be seen on 21th of November at Christopher Posch can be seen on the 08th of November at Lena Markwald can be seen on the 31th of July at Further information below the link Einsatz Naseband. For all our other Influencer please click Influencers.

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Die er und ich. The 3-weeks tour includes Cochin and Antalya. Sport is our new category — there we will represent international athletes.


Mirjam Novak prepairs for the production of the film “Bauhaus” in Los Angeles. For more Infos click on VOX. Christian Storm can be seen on the 07th of February at Thank you Canada Independent Film Festival!

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Harry Wijnvoord can be seen on the 19th of July at For more infos about the commercial campaign click here. For more infos please click here and also below the link Vox. Harry Wijnvoord can be seen on the 05th of May at Harry Wijnvoord can be seen on the 21th of July at Reiner Calmund can be seen on the 24th of July at Juliette Preosverleihung is in the current issue of the magazine “IN” – in the multi-page photo gallery motto: Olympia “and his title defense — we are looking forward preisverleiuung from you regarding Commercial- or PR-campaigns for the german market.

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