How did you angle tha icicle shot to get them both? My description is lower. I can still or again do it, that is record vids at least for ABSe. I do not like to make promises but I believe the next vid will not take such a long time. Thanks for reading and sorry again for putting this here: I shoot it a bit lower through the square snowblock supporting the stone blocks on the left, exploding before it drops into the V-shaped ice gully. Nice to use Stella to knock something down instead of relying on the somewhat unpredictable bubbles.

Oh, and I should have warned, there is madness to this method for it does not deliver great scores too often. With the blue bird I hit him and most of the ice. What about your 1st shoot max score? Bluebird finished Santa and the presents. I actually completed a level before the walkthrough video was posted?!? Totally agree ixan57 angrychicken. Plus 11K on the same strat with the additional collateral I was hoping for.

Do they release more episodes throughout the year? PB arc to nicely knock down icicles. This shot totalled just under 30, Difference this time was wohderham roof over top pig moved to left and landed on presents and left hand pig rolled off. I was just looking at the destruction so I forgot to check the points after this shot.

Followed your video, sank the Titanic and improved my score by 19, So fun to have 25 presents again this year! Lifting both icicles and hopefully dropping bottom down for most damage.


That took out almost all the right side, leaving an easy dinter to the one pig left at the left hand side with the presents. You only need to get the tip of the first icicle to get the behavior bikkit described. I assume the idea was that the player keeps hitting them by accident when they want to tap the menu button to reset a level.

Pink Bird high and long to break icicles and clear remaining pigs.

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Guess I need to take another crack at it: How did you angle tha icicle shot to get them both? Thanks for the info and the welcome, cosmo Next little problems was started: Sort of reminds me of RATstrats in that particular sense.

You know the rest. This help me to makeand after longer time — K.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-16 Walkthrough

With good reflex and luck much destroy is possible this way. Bounce one icicle to other.

How do I access those??? Which method you pass 2nd shoot?

After record 1st shoot I went safely the same way. Note that it is important to get the first boomerang bird through the snowblock supporting the right side of the swing.


Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham 1-16 Walkthrough 3-Star

We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Send the Orange bird slightly downward, going just beneath the wooden square on the left side of the structure. I had 73k after the 1st shot, including getting the buried piggie. But getting better percentage bidrs damage with activating Stella at the tip of the first icicle.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level Walkthrough | AngryBirdsNest

Next catch screen adjust mentioned by someone no recognise now by me. I just wanted to birsd if I used a similar strategy to reach 3 stars. Ok olddogMerry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you, imagine that, you get to receive Presents twice the same day, what could be more glorious than that? You make it sound so easy hahahaha, well maybe it was after watching the video hahaha.

And brilliant strat micromax. Merry Christmas to all, thanks for lots of good strategies and fun!