Beamish makes his escape through a window, and. Four years Beamish spent in reckless exile, and, unable to endure it longer, returned to Ireland. Feeney starts to heap insults upon Arrah, and although Shaun’s hands are tied, he pounces upon him, causing him to cry out for help. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The O’Grady arrives with Shaun’s pardon, and general happiness ensues. Beamish, on his arrival, quickly gathers together his old friends.

Later the guards were seized and Beamish made his escape from the prison, hurried to his sweetheart, Fanny Powers, bid her farewell and left for France. Arragh-na-Pogue by Dion Boucicault. When his followers learned of his imprisonment, they perfected a plot for his escape, which involved a rope, a fast horse and a boat to carry him from the country. Irish Theater in America: Be the first to contribute! Beamish Mac Coul Jonathan Blakely , a leader in the Rebellion, is fleeing to safety in France, unwilling to put his men in danger.

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Beamish learns what has happened and resolves to give himself up to the Secretary of State in Pofue and get Shaun and Arrah pardoned.

Tall and dashing, the audience soon learns that Beamish has strong attachments to two women. Four years Beamish spent in reckless exile, and, unable to endure it longer, returned to Ireland. Arrah is provoked into showing Feeny the money, who recognizes it as his own; he then catches a glimpse of Beamish concealed in the barn.

The kind of love that endures is the love that dares to challenge adversity and come out the other end stronger.


At this wrrah the colonel, Beamish and Fanny arrive with Shaun’s pardon. Set during the Irish rebellion ofthe play tells a story of love and loyalty under pressure. Next we discover that Colonel O’Grady, the local magistrate, is in love with Fanny and has procured a pardon for Beamish.

We introduce, therefore, the latest subject, entitled “Arrah-Na-Pogue. The following arrab Shaun and Arrah are wed in the old barn in which Beamish is secluded. Arrah-na-Pogue From left to right: While Shaun’s friends have been interceding for him Arrah has also been trying to console him.

Search for ” Arrah-Na-Pogue ” on Amazon. I would like to receive. The gaiety is stopped and the searching party begins its work.

Beamish gives her as a wedding present a number of banknotes, which he robbed the collector of. Their love has the strength not just to endure adversity, but to blossom in the face of it. Her husband takes the blame of Beamish’s robbery, and says the coat is his.

Thanks to the careful work of the producer those scenes and characters have been preserved in all their primitive quaintness and simplicity in the pictures.

Shaun discovers a loose stone in his cell, and with almost superhuman strength, breaks the barred window, thereby effecting his escape. Arrah Meelish, the prisoner’s foster sister, volunteered to carry the idea of their plot to him. Essays on Irish Theatrical Diaspora.

He learns the identity of the man Arrah was protecting, and rejoices to see his implicit trust in her vindicated, putting Fanny’s lack of faith to shame. This was Fanny’s condition for marrying him, but now that she and Beamish are planning to flee together, she asks him to tear it up.

Written by Moving Picture World synopsis. His property was confiscated by the authorities. The verdict handed down is to the effect that Shaun must die the following day. It looks like we don’t have a Synopsis for this title yet.


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During her interview, the two men, each unconscious of the presence of the other, finding it impossible to restrain themselves longer, slip from their hiding places and confront the young woman. Her manner is charming and dignified throughout.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Later, pogje she hears what Beamish has done, she hastens to the secretary, also. Drawn in by the romance and gallantry of Beamish, she is nonetheless unable to believe the promise of what he offers her.

Arrah-na-Pogue and the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Shaun is visited in prison by Fanny and Arrah. Retrieved from ” https: He breaks his bonds, tears the bars from the jail window and climbs the ivy-covered wall to the roof of the jail.

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Four years Beamish spent in reckless exile, and, unable to endure it longer, returned to Ireland. Feeny, who wants Arrah for himself, visits her the next morning – the morning of her wedding day; she rejects him and he swears to see her humbled in time.

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Donaldson’s O’Grady is fine, and Miss Mapes is especially worthy of commendation as Fanny Power, which character she has raised to su,mary dignity of a leading part in the picture. Beamish, on his arrival, quickly gathers together his old friends. As he sits in solitude, a messenger arrives with a letter from Fanny, saying that she had been at Arrah’s cottage and knew all.