In addition to the other available features on your Turbo More information. Move the expansion cable back to the original port on the controller enclosure. Cache To enable faster data access from disk storage, the following types of caching are performed: See Host system requirements on page Connecting direct attach configurations The supports up to four direct-connect server connections, two per controller module. If only one controller is available, due to either Single Controller configuration or controller failure, a manual rescan will not reorder the drive enclosure IDs. A NOTE indicates important information. Proceed to step 3.

Archive Attender Version 3. Isolating a controller module expansion port connection fault. Move the cable back to its original port. All trademarks and registered More information. Each power supply has one temperature sensor. RAIDar is also a good tool to use in determining where the fault is occurring, if the LEDs cannot be viewed due to the location of the system. The drive is offline.

This brief Sign In discussion assumes proper web browser setup. Fault-tolerant cabling between a dual-controller enclosure and four drive enclosures. Replace the controller modules one at a time.

This is because the controller might have been previously attached to enclosures in a different configuration, and it attempts yuide preserve the previous enclosure IDs if possible.

Controller module 0A is connected to expansion module 1A, with a chain of connections cascading down blue. Reverse cabling allows any expansion enclosure to fail—or be removed—while maintaining access to other enclosures.

This section describes host interface protocols supported by controller enclosures, while showing a few common cabling configurations. March, This document contains information proprietary to Interworks and its receipt or possession does not convey any rights to reproduce.

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VSS provides interfaces to ensure that volume shadow copies are in a consistent state. If possible, test with another port.


Companies, names, and data used in examples More information. DataKeeper Cloud Edition v7. Sensor locations The storage system monitors conditions at different points within each enclosure to alert you to problems.

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Run the show vdisk-statistics command a second time. 30000 describes event messages that may be reported. November Legal and notice assiredsan CopyrightHewlett-Packard.

When used with athe is equipped with dual-IOMs. Notice Keynote DeviceAnywhere. This will reorder the enclosures, but can take up to two minutes for the enclosure IDs to be corrected. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Archive Attender Version 3. Route cables in locations that protect the cables from damage. Off The controller module is not prepared for removal. Follow the recommended actions in the component Health Recommendation field to resolve the problem. Power cable requirements Each enclosure ships with two power cables designed for use with the enclosure power supply module.

Connecting the enclosure to hosts A host identifies an external port to which the storage system is attached. Yes blinking One of the following errors occurred: All trademarks and registered.

FailOver No load balancing is performed. You must have some means of determining what addresses have been assigned, such as the list of bindings on the DHCP server.

Host interface ports on controller enclosures can connect to respective hosts via direct-attach or switch-attach. About this guide Key names Text typed into a GUI element, such as into assurredsan box GUI elements that are clicked or selected, such as menu and list items, buttons, and check boxes 1 Components drive enclosure front panel components Right ear Left ear 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 4 Note: Topics below correspond to bullets at left: If the enclosure does not initialize It may take up to two minutes for all faidar to initialize.


See Cable requirements for drive enclosures asssuredsan page 19 for cabling information. Using RAIDar, you qssuredsan view the event log and then click on the event message to see detail about that event. If any reads or writes occur during this interval, a host is still reading from or writing to this vdisk.

The Number of Reads and Number of Writes outputs show the number of these operations that have occurred since the statistic was last requested. Using switches increases the number of servers that can be connected to the storage system. Replace the expansion module.

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Connecting the controller enclosure and drive enclosures. Reproduction in any manner More information. Off Ethernet port is not connected or the link is down. The fault has been isolated. Parallels Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.

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All trademarks and registered More information. In RAIDar, review event logs for indicators of a specific fault in a host data path component. When you restart a Management Controller, communication with it is temporarily lost until it successfully restarts.

This configuration is suitable only in environments where high availability is not required, and loss of access to data can be tolerated until failure recovery actions are completed. August Copyright Nortel Networks