Episode 9 by Sunny. This may not mean a whole lot given that it’s dramaland and timelines may or may not be mutable, but the real-life Yi Seong-gye was 17 in Wait so when there is Gongnim around, there gotta be Choi Young too eh? Kim Byung Choon Supporting Cast. Porno pornografi ilgili izle. Rus porno videosu susanna. KAI October 17, at 8: With 6 more episodes of Goryeo in Faith, it may be all the historical fantasy time travel and divination type drama I want just now.

Melinka kiz kapali ve bitiyor. I hope the pd-nim will not kill Dong ryoon yet. Log in with Email. This may not mean a whole lot given that it’s dramaland and timelines may or may not be mutable, but the real-life Yi Seong-gye was 17 in Rus porno videosu susanna. Yi Seong-gye Ji Jin-hee is the general who led the overthrow of Goryeo and established the Joseon Dynasty , becoming its first king.

While the episode never lost its forward momentum, I also found it went a little too fast, sometimes leaving me behind. What the drama did in one episode faith couldn’t do with all the 18 episodes I’ve watched!!!

Either way, his mission is to now kill both of them, even though Young-ji is a princess. Please enter your username or email address. Wished the prisoner put up more of a fight against the headdress guys because it seemed like he was training for 10 years.

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Ok fangirls this is my opinion, get it!? He is an incredibly sexy and good looking man, and a talented actor too. Flash oyunlar porno indir. Romance Is a Bonus Book: The second episode had enough to keep my interest as well I like Goingmin in Faith better because instead of purposefully helpless, he’s playing chess and going through a learning curve dramz what it means to be a King, which gives more simpathy points from me.


I hope this drama gets the attention it deserves cuz its pretty awesome and we get to see more continuing from Faith!

Knife throwing totally makes sense. Boy – he does not disappoint. And dare I ask don’t hit me! I can’t say I’m impressed with the actress playing Young-Ji. Usually they are good but they are not winning me over here.

So Gongmin looks on with tears in his eyes while his warrior gets cut down in front of him, unable to do anything to help. I cannot say I am hooked, but I will try and hang in there and see how this one unfolds and develops. Yi Seong-gye was born in and that would make him 17 years old in this drama as it was in that all these happened. There are those who believe falsely that he has dark supernatural powers, thinking him possessed by ghosts.

Kang Kyung Hun Supporting Gret.

The Great Seer – Wikipedia

That makes perfect sense. When he meets Dong-ryoon, it has been ten years since the latter has been in prison. Your morean address will not be published.

koreqn I’ll hold out hope for at least a few more episodes. He is unrecognizable in that war outfit. Coco October 15, at 8: I am glad you mentioned that some of our characters haven’t been conceived yet since I kinda was wondering where the heck the money was hiding out.


Probably the best scene in the entire episode. Pantaloons ve pantolon kadinlarla porno videolar. Soldiers korran a village to steal women and girls, even taking a bride from the middle of her wedding.

The Great Seer

I don’t know about Korea but I can take you to some lakes here in Virginia as well as other places with some serious drop offs but I give them poetic license to make it more dramatic. Porno yildizi svetlana meridyen biyografisi.

The entourage of soldiers loses him while Young-ji finds and follows him, braving the river on her horse with shackles in hand. Melinka kiz kapali ve bitiyor.

I’ve never see the like before east of Norway. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Definitely kept my interest up which is not something that can be said for “Faith. Those are the whitest teeth I’ve ever seen under a headress. I can’t quite get behind this Gongmin, so I ended up disliking him a whole lot.