Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. And now the ending. I was hoping for fewer metaphors. Tsui Ping is a weak man, and he knows it and he highly respects his much smarter younger sister who basically is the head of the family. It is what I consider the purest form of love between 2 unrelated people, and none more so than for in the series of No Regrets. Season 1, Episode Well once again, acting is subjective and you really hate someone while others will really love them and vice versa….

If this is the reasoning, then it is cruel to let a woman wait in vain for the rest of her life. Tsui Sum’s sickness gets even worse, and she begins asking Dr. I agree with both of you! Login or Register before you can reply to Magic. Anyway even with episode 21 he gave an excellent performance although the kissing and seduction scenes were merely adequate but not enough. Dropping by Cloud Nine. I am bored with those old school acting.

Oriental Daily Credit Jaynestar article It was not news to me as I knew Raymond has a nice tone body, particularly he has a muscular torso.

What Not to Expect 1. Everybody scheming against everybody, primarily the mother Tung Kwok Hing against everyone, even her own daughters.

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Anyway she was god awful in there but Safe Guards will always be one of my top 5 favourite series of all time despite her god awful performance.

Living out alone, Ho got a taste of the bitterness in life and was determined passiin return home and take revenge on his adopted family under a different name Tung Bun Sin. Into The Blue 3.

Entire episode 21 was flashback, more flashback and then he died and then we find out how where when why. Season 1 Episode Guide. Tsui Sum has the perfect plot of land picked out to serve as the new Ka Fook factory, but she must win over a mysterious rich man who purchased the land for himself.

After reading various analyses by different viewers online and the scriptwriter’s comments about the ending, I still…. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That or Niki needs more experience in acting to bring out the character more as currently its not balancing the ‘outside strong, yet inside sensitive’ characteristics right.


This series illustrates sometimes being related need not mean closeness and sometimes being unrelated can still forge a tie closer than that of blood ties. Even six years later, some viewers still believe Tung Bun Sin lived and will meet Tsui Sum at their meeting place. Kissing is not expected; embrace maybe.

In here, it is used to show the loss of innocence and the craftiness of Yi Nga and then it is used to show the stylish and adult way of Boon Sin. Under his new identity, he vowed to give them a taste of losing their loved ones. When I was first exposed to the story, I got drowned in the many names and relationships of the characters. She did none of those which to me were a twist.

La La Land 6. Or Linda when she has to cry or act cute. Tung Pun Sin deals with an aggressive offer from the Ko family to purchase the soy sauce factory, leading some at the factory to epiwode Tsui Sum’s new business partner. Posted 28 December – It maybe Lee Tim Sing or other acting coach pressure her to act more fluently in the role of Tsui Sum.

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I find the way she speaks too lazy, her expression between happy and pained. Season 1, Episode 16 December 27, Also, I thought Niki did okay but not outstanding. She does not make me squirm and passiob me comfortably. Which basically means it is entertaining, emotionally affecting, generally well acted, memorable characters with memorable lines, with climatic ending scenes in almost epissode episode leaving you wanting more, almost well directed and somewhat well written as I shall remember bitterly how the last episode nearly pulled down this series and buried it deep with it in the deep dark Pacific ocean and shall become botyled stuff of legend, like Atlantis except I shall never bothled want to find it.


It just seem that he is more lean since he joined TVB. One particular scene which was rather memorable was Ko Yi Nga on a swing, swinging herself towards a squatting Tung Boon Sin, as she grabbed him and he pushed her away, grabbed him and he pushed her away and finally she fell on top of him.

And at that point I was as emotionally vested in this series as was Lo Yat with his best friend in the world. Funny though that she chose to kill herself the same way her jilted fiance did when she left him.

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He seems to make a career out of being disgusting. Give a chance, her performance does not rock but certainly enough to put the top 3 in Jaynestars Poll. She was not able to convey her emotion due to her “rigid” expression. At minimum, I think passoin should have put Shaoqian’s police station scene before Tong Xue’s airport scene.

I have no comment on Vin Choi except to say he has that perpetual look of a worrier. Niki’s character is bearable but it’s really her performance that disappointed me throughout the series especially episode I enjoyed reading your review very much though it was a bit too vtb. Her crying is not forced or fake. I agreed with you. Raymond is basically the one carrying the series and if it weren’t for him, the scenes between Boon Seen and Tsui Sum wouldn’t be as emotional my personal opinion The main protagonist is passkon the one with struggling family business who has to battle other people to make sure family stays afloat.