Lady I tell you, you are falling in love with a guy who usually sings oppa this and oppa that, though you are a noona to him. It really heightens the mood just like you said. Oohh Rie is worried about Kang To. I do think Kang To have become more careless and I think it is because he now has his feelings and emotions and does not know how to control them. Thanks JB for the recap. There was so many clues that SHunji was throwing that I was surprise he kept missing! I still enjoy watching Gaksital, but that part just kind of bothers me. TV Bridal Mask Episode

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms July 19, at 3: I do think Kang To have become more careless and I think it is because he now has his feelings and emotions and does not know how to control them. Yup, definitely a message. The worst fake-out ending would be, Shunji: Kang To asks him to believe in him. However, the narrative progress that accompanies each instance makes up for it. Rumors are flying among the Joseon people about the explosion at the anniversary gala, which threatens to set off more rebellions. Gang To would never kill his brother, right?

You belong to a mysterious, powerful organization being investigated by Kang-to and you wear that sucker to work? Lee Kyung Shil Supporting Cast. Shunji leaves the office scoffing at the idea that Kang-to legitimately tried and failed to capture her.

Koiso and company reach the police station where Shunji asks what happened and learns Gaksital appeared. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: He didn’t exactly direect them to Gaksital.

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She makes it too easy for the bad guys! Shunji slaps down the birdal Boon-yi left for Gaksital, saying that the two of them have been exchanging messages.


Then, the torture meted out will be much worse. Dan instinctively backs away, behind Kang To.

Can I just say I love the pink shirt and grey suit the most, expecially with episoxe vest- but I have to say 3 piece suits are really impractical when you are gakistal. But from his earlier reaction, we can guess it is all just an act. MokDan is really making me mad, walking around without any disguises when she knows the enemy is looking for her.

Bridal Mask: Episode 15

Rie turns right back around and follows Mok Dan upstairs, where Mok Dan uses the hotel phone to call Boss Jo, who answers with a guilt-stricken face. Leave a Reply Cancel dpisode Enter your comment here Mok Dan returns to the hideaway and reports to her comrades on her recon trip outside.

Jin Se Yeon Main Cast. Is she stupid or what? A fine follow-up to his previous exchange with Damsari. How rbidal he seriously play Gaksital?

And on a shallow a note, every Kang To suit change I have to pause and appreciate the pretty, I swear I never do this ever!!. Suggestions to use her as bait: Boss Jo says he already told him everything Did he really, Kimchidrxma wonder, or did he feed false info?

Min Joon Hyun Supporting Cast. Circus master Jo is meanwhile, back at the circus and the people are fretting over his injured condition.

What she does land is insignificant compared to how Rie hits her. Eternal July 18, at This was the scene I was waiting for when Kang To saw that the officers were beating an old man and a child, the urge to help them, the pain on his face and the resistance, everything was in that one scene and it was conveyed beautifully. Even JW said she is a fast learner and the martial arts tutors really like the girl! Rie declares her faith in Shunji to help them achieve this goal, and raises a toast to Kishokai and the expanding Japanese empire.


Rie just kind of sits there still don’t really get the point of her character whereas Mok-dan just keeps doing stupid things like wandering around in broad daylight asking to be caught because y’know, if she was actually hard to catch, the plot wouldn’t have moved at all — all past clashes between Shunji and Gaksital have been kind of centered around using Mok-dan as bait.

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That would be interesting to watch: Kang To reels at knowing how much Shunji has put together. I’m more interested in the hero plot rather than the romantic plot, i’m always forwading the kimchidramaa where Mok Dan is longing for rbidal young master, can’t she stick to the freedom cause?

And when he uses that sweet smile of his manipulatively, I feel repulsed at what the world of this drama ideologically has done to his character, rather than just hate the character on a surface level.

But instead of abject gratitude, Shunji actually yelled at her for nearly screwing up his plans. They held hands in front of my own eyes! I want her oimchidrama back NOW!! Return Joseon to us. Kim Ji Min Supporting Cast. Kang-to changes back into his suit in a hotel bathroom stall, taking care to redress his still-bloody arm wound.