Strangely, and really bloody unexpectedly, it works! Michael Gildea Super Reviewer. Some might be put off by the ending s , but I like them; the first one seems a little phony and too neat until the true ending reveals itself, adding a dignified poignancy to the film. Your lips I want to kiss. In a sophisticated satire? They arrive at a Black hip-hop club where Beatty drinks, smokes pot, and is transformed by the loud urban rap music. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only:

And really stupid, hahaha. The film doesn’t strike all the right chords, but it hits enough of them. The film spends its last half hour in the hood of L. Not surprisingly my criticisms of it stem from the conventional moments. A high school film club movie project is interrupted by nefarious thugs. And his chemistry with the sexy and savvy Halle Berry is palpable, making their connection surprisingly touching on some level. He goes off the deep end by appearing at campaign events drunk and making inappropriate comments, which make him a media star. Bulworth is that rare politician who has soul.

His frank, potentially offensive remarks make him an instant media darling and re-energize his campaign.

Beatty’s not much of a rapper. Once Senator Bulworth gets back to his home state, things take one wild turn after another. Once there, he tosses aside his prepared speech, startling both the audience and his campaign manager, Murphy Oliver Plattby improvising truthful remarks instead of the familiar rhetoric.

Bulworth sleeps deeply for over 36 hours with Nina tenderly watching over himduring which time the media is abuzz about his mysterious absence on election day.

Bulworth is just selling his out to get re-elected, and the whole process has become more than movke can bare.

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Their dialog was great and their physical comedy was masterful. Words aren’t worth a penny unless you’re worth billions.

The result is, unsurprisingly, imbalanced. I’ve not heard of many politicians who would dare say and do some of the things that I see Bulworth do in this film. He puts his finger on where it hurts most: Is his wife, Constance Bulworth, having an affair with another man? Billington Bulworth, Democratic Senator from California at one time rising liberal star has had bulwortn tack mighty heavily to the right in order to keep his office.


You don’t know if you can trust her, and her intentions are unclear.

I mean, how well would you expect something like that to work? Along the way he becomes romantically involved with a young black activist named Nina, who tags along with him on his campaign stops. A radical American journalist becomes involved with the Communist revolution in Russia, and hopes to bring its spirit and idealism to the United States.

Start With a Mocie Cult. They tell us that they’re careful, we know rzp it’s a lie, As long as we keep driving cars, they let the planet die.

It really is true folks: Senator who along the way picks up some black groupie types with Halle Berry. Forget about the rest. He has never been afraid to ridicule himself in past movies. There is even an enigmatic old black man who trails Bulworth around, chanting abracadabra that, I think, is supposed to be cryptic worldly-wise maxims. So I never feel crappy. There’s a peculiar symbiotic relationship between Capitol Hill staffers and their bosses.

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Movif 11 April Bulworth emerges from the bedroom looking rested and, as he steps outside, he nulworth Nina to go with him; she eventually joins him, after some hesitation.

Florence Stanley as Dobish. LeonLouisRicci 6 October You have the best eyes. Don Cheadle as L. His character does bring up some valid points, and we’re forced to really put ourselves in his shoes. Any one of those jobs can be a supreme undertaking, and here he has accomplished all four with integrity, wit, humor, intelligence, and undeniable brass.

You put me in a trance. All suitable questions that will all be answered when you see the movie. He’s really nothing but a tremendous jerk.


Beatty tarries very close to home, and in the tone of the film as well as its Clinton-era contemporaries like Wag the Dog and Primary Colors, it epitomizes political problems in the US that since their time have grown movke much different, much uglier problems.

There were so many classic scenes that it is difficult to limit myself to just a few. What gives Bulworth its unique character is that all this silliness is periodically punctuated by cogent, carefully thought-out mini-manifestos He’s at the end of his rope personally and professionally.

You can get everything else in prior reviews. He lambastes the congregation of a black church for rallying behind O. I need you in my life. Though many people probably share dap lot of the same viewpoints expressed in the film, it probably took someone of Warren Beatty’s clout to actually sit down and write it all out, then believably pitch it to a studio.

Los Angeles Film Critics Association. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Senator who along the way picks up some black groupie types with Halle Berry. This is a marvelously subversive movie on several fronts: I love your pretty smile.

Please enter your email address and we will email bilworth a new password. That’s what you tell me every time that y’all vote to cut them school programs; every time y’all vote to cut them funds to the job programs. I love Miss Halle Berry.

I loved this movie. You have to hand it to Warren Beatty, he redefines the term “maverick”. Adilah Barnes as Mrs.