I’m not gonna give everything away but I’m gonna say it’s a bit absurd but it’s smart and inspired. When you see it closely, it’s an intriguing high concept satirical horror film. It’s Campy, Hilarious, and Fun. It works on so many levels and is so much fun; the way the conventions of the ‘Horror’ genre are turned upside down, while at the same time the story transcends the mere spoof and satire and becomes something new, entirely original — just: As to it not being pure horror- that’s the point of the movie. It was neither scary nor funny. Are there cameras that filming people’s reactions and laughing at them or what? I certainly had a few qualms about the film, but they were few and far between.

The mere existence of this button was the best plot twist in the movie. Aside from the somewhat awkward and pretentious cameo from Sigourney Weaver, The Cabin In The Woods is a deliciously bloody, funny, well acted, all round brilliantly written and directed satire of the horror genre. Suffice to say, every horror fan should go see this. As lame a film to ever masquerade as a horror film as Scream is, The Cabin in the Woods’ brand of stupidity has more in common with tripe such as Mars Attacks or even The Brady Bunch Movie. The Cabin in the Woods I’m trying not to reveal anything too big, and I think everyone else will tell you the same; you want to know as little as possible about it before you watch.

Seamless story structure is backed by brilliant dark comedy blended with just the right amount of horror ambiance.

Not from the acting or directing or anything like that, but from the pure originality of the movie. You can’t please everyone but this customer was satisfied from beginning. When you see it closely, it’s an intriguing high concept satirical horror film. The kids are being lured into the cabin as part of some laughable ritual of human sacrifice to appease some angry ancient gods.

This movie is just bizarre. Had I known I was coming vioz watch a movie that was making fun of horror movies, I wouldn’t have wasted my time or money.

I have to agree with one of the critics, “The less you know about Cabin in the Woods, the better”. This is the part where we scratch our head and say “Wait a sec Much to the hilarity of the film the group do just about everything you shouldn’t do when in a creepy cagin which results in them fighting for there lives when suddenly under attack from bombarding creatures of the night.


Overall, I loved this movie. That way they can build up to a final payoff that no one would ever see coming.

This movie was awful. There’s plenty of humor throughout, mostly due to Fran Krantz stoner character. That in itself has me tipping my hat to the writers. It’s smart, funny, gory and sexy with fantastic acting by all the cast.

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But what is really impressive is the fact that the movie has it’s own original plot. I absolutely loved this film. All I can say is that I was laughing throughout the entire film, I cheered, I clapped and I enjoyed myself. The Special effects barely a step above cull you’d see in an Uwe Boll film.

Still, I at least expected a mindlessly entertaining carnival ride of gruesomeness a la Demon Knight or Planet Terror. It’s taken everything from every other Horror Movie and thrown it all into this movie.

Anyone who goes to see this movie will surely get their money’s worth and then some. The acting was great, well written, well directed and excellent comedy one-liners and with the best twist i’ve ever seen! To everyone saying they hated this movie, it’s obvious that they don’t like change and are probably upset because the originality of this film pretty much slays all their favorite horror movies to dust. It made them laugh because it lovingly poked fun at a genre ccabin fans knew by heart.

The explanation vioooz everything that’s been ivooz on, and also possibly the greatest 20 minutes ever shown in horror movie history.

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The writing an avalanche of sloppy expository dialog and dumb forced humor people still think stoners are funny? I’m not gonna give everything away but I’m gonna say it’s a bit absurd but it’s smart and inspired.

I have to hand it to the filmmakers. The audience is fed bits of information little by little throughout the entire film, so you’re always hot on the trail of this story’s secrets.

This comparison however is not entirely accurate. The Cabin in the Woods The horror genre for me has been pretty mediocre for the past several years, and so I have pretty much ignored a lot of horror movies that have come out, with the exception of a few. This is also the part where people give up and decide they hate it because it’s different.


olnine When you have Goddard, whose worked on Buffy, Angel, Lost and wrote Cloverfield, teamed up with partner Joss Whedon who is one of the best writers working today, then you know you’re walking into something special.

It was definitely fun to watch. Original as it was, it lacked three major things I expected: I was enjoying the commentary that the narrative made while it developed and because i didn’t know where it was heading and why things were happening, it kept me on edge and interested to the very end. The mere existence of this button was the best plot twist in the movie.

I don’t get it. Good Acting I was sorely disappointed, the characters didn’t seem that into their roles 3.

It made the later scene with the motor bike jump completely redundant. It gathers horror ideas seen countless times and turns them upside-down. None of the characters really developed onlien the movie. The only scary and the best scene of the movie was the guy appeared suddenly at the old gas station. This is a parody and homage at the same time.

Suffice to say, every horror fan should go see this. They got this right, a movie that isn’t only original for the end of the third act, movid a refreshing journey from start to moie. A rare treat and a true pleasure for film geeks like me. This movie is full of twists and turns you don’t know what way it’s going to go.

My roommate on the other hand found his new least favorite movie.

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Instead, it opens with the “other” side of this story and the characters who get about as much screen time as our heroine and her pals. This movie is exactly where it needs to be, it’s a cult movie.

If you’ve looked at a few reviews, you’ll see this film has three acts. What people seem to get confused about is that this is also a comedy.