On The Road [p] Offspring in Romania Bucharest , Danube Delta , etc. Hulk [p] The Zero Theorem [p] As Jack joins the others at the raft, Sam discovers Gordon and the spider bite. Khumba [p]

Risen [p] On the way they fall into a cave trying to escape from an anaconda. Commando [p] Bride Wars [p] Views Read Edit View history. They put up at Peter’s house. The Best of Me [p] Bill tries to find Cole and Tran, but also notices Tran’s lost flashlight floating and with his blood surrounding it.

It centers on a documentary film crew who have been taken hostage by a snake hunter who is going after a legendary giant anacondawhich is discovered in the Amazon rainforest.

Poltergeist Activity [p] I Know Who Killed Me [p] The English Teacher [p] Playing With Dolls Bloodlust [p] Coherence [p] Dope [p] Khumba [p] Denise Kalberg Vincent Castellanos Terminator Genisys [p] Cell [p] The Vow [p] Eragon [P] Cars 2 [p] Altar [p] Sisters [p] The terrified Cole escapes from the caves behind the group, seconds ahead of the snake, which follows him through the hole and gets stuck.


Dark Shadows [p] 8. This section does not cite any sources.

Another interesting factor is Terri’s boyfriend and his contribution to the story line. As the group splits up, Amanda heads off in a car with two other team members, Victor and Sofia.

Mirror Mirror [p] Cop Car [p] Looper [p] Goodbye To All That [p] The BFG [p] Ebert, however, praised the acting of Matthew Marsden as being “suitably treacherous”.

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones [p] Barbie in a Christmas Carol Back to the Future Part 2 [p] Transformers Age of Extinction [p] Train To Busan [p] Views Read Edit View history. anaconca

Anaconda () – IMDb

Brick Mansions [p] A scientific expedition sets out for Borneo to seek a flower ceriat the Blood Orchid, which could grant longer life. Deadpool [p] Miracles From Heaven [p] Traded [p] Sinister [p] Elysium [p] Night Moves [p] Knight Of Cups [p] Apollo 18 [p] Death Warrant [p] You might want to watch this if it’s shown snaconda TV, but I wouldn’t pay money to see it.


Our Brand Is Crisis [p] Eye In The Sky [p]