Rowan, realizing Jake is the one looking into Remington, plots to have him killed while pushing Cy to take down Marcus. David Rosen Bellamy Young Huck finds out that Quinn killed the security guard and confronts her about it. Retrieved November 1, As a result of Quinn’s inadvertent murder, Huck tortures her and she leaves the firm. You know what I’ve learned?

The Grant kids arrive to the White House for an interview with the whole Grant family. Olivia discovers that Jerry has a Twitter account where he writes bad things about his father, and that he wants to wear a Reston campaign t-shirt at the interview. Governor Reston gains points in his campaign by visiting his wife in jail. It’s just astonishing, that’s all. Retrieved April 28, On the election day, Olivia and Cyrus are convinced that Fitz has lost, but Rowan orders Tom to kill Jerry, which ultimately makes Fitz win the election.

Meanwhile, Daniel Douglas tries to convince James that their little affair was a mistake. Cyrus tries episde blackmail Sally by showing the pictures of Daniel and James, but to no avail. In the end, of course, Liv ends up going to the ball — on the arm of Jake, no less. However, it is all a plan.

‘Scandal’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: “More Cattle, Less Bull”

Olivia and Fitz are in a hotel room getting dressed after spending the night together. He is very upset because Olivia chose Jake to be her pretend boyfriend, creating tension between Olivia sdandal Jake. Retrieved October 4, They discover during a military action code named “Operation Remington” Fitz shot down a civilian aircraft over Iceland and Olivia’s mother was one of over casualties.


Fitz flew for Black Opsand he was given the order to shoot down the airplane as they had evidence that there was a dirty bomb inside of it. Leo finds out about the request and tries to find out for himself, but Rowan sets him up by saying it’s Fitz. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to go back to OPA, but discovers that Huck is not sorry for his actions and she decides to leave.

Scott Foley was upgraded to a series regular, portraying Captain Jake Ballard.

Scandal “Season 7 Episode 5”

In other projects Wikiquote. She later uncovered the truth about B and forced him to release Huck. Meanwhile, a senator dies and Sally fights Fitz to give the eulogy at the funeral. Retrieved May 5, Full Cast and Crew.

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Meanwhile, OPA tries to find out where B gets their funding. The campaign faces problems when Sally, stricken with guilt over murdering Daniel, almost reveals the truth at a debate.

Retrieved December 13, Guillermo Diaz continued playing the character Huck, the troubled tech guy who works for Fpisode. Determined seaspn find out the truth about Operation Remington, the firm investigates Rowan and learns that a passenger was removed from the flight by a Federal Marshall just prior to take off. If no one else around Fitz is capable of arriving at such an obvious strategy, he really should be worried about his reelection prospects.

It’s revealed to be a staged break-in by Candace who also slept with Harrisonhowever Josie takes the blame and withdraws from the primary. Audible Download Audio Books.


Democratic Congresswoman Josie Marcus hires Olivia when details of her teen pregnancy get out. Fitzgerald Grant Lisa Kudrow Maya and Adnan Salif team up with Dominic Bell, who gives them a bomb. Olivia takes up her father’s offer and leaves with Jake to an unknown location for a new life. She tells Fitz about the murder, and tells him to throw the debate so Sally won’t tell. As a result of Sexson inadvertent murder, Huck tortures her and she leaves the firm.

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Daniel Douglas Langston Sally Epjsode Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. David gets a visit from a woman from the NSA who has the recording of the conversation between Sally and Cyrus, which David shares with James. The president’s eldest children, Jerry and Karen Grant, come to the White House for an interview, but Olivia soon figures out that they aren’t pleased with their parents.

Abby Whelan Katie Lowes Olivia realizes that she’s the “maid” when her episodee tells her that she’s the one who cleans up everything. Adnan makes a donation to the Fitz reelection campaign, and it is revealed that she is working with Maya Pope.