Jaimal suspects Someshwar as he comes alone to attend Jaichand’s wedding. Prithviraj and his friends are stuck in the forest with the rest of the dangerous criminals. The King of Chittorgarh accepts Kalyani as his daughter in law. Prithviraj Chauhan plays with Jaimal. Prithviraj finds his ring missing from his camp and suspects Sanyogita. Bhimdev feels that Someshwar insulted him by sparing his life. Sanyogita and Prithviraj’s affair reveals in front of her father. Bhimdev’s men follow Prithviraj and Nandini’s footmarks to capture him.

The rocks of the cave tremble and block the way outside the cave. Bhimdev is happy to know that his son is about to come after completing his education. Vibheeshan is shocked to see the dead soldiers. He kidnaps Vachan’s wife and child and detains Vachan. Jaichand and his mother argue over Someshwar. Bhatti Menak makes arrangements to cheat during his fight against Prithviraj. Prithviraj catches Samar and snatches the rock from him to save his friend’s life. After a wrestling match, Prithviraj praises Kanha’s game and wins him as his friend.

Prithviraj saves Aryamaan’s life and they both come to know that one of the ministers lied to them on Bhimdev’s order. During the function Prithviraj is missing and is found in a room with the new born princess.

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He plays a mind game and traps the jungle’s care taker. Meer disguises himself as a lady.


Hariya and his brother discuss about the treasure. The commander Gorkeri is confused between Prithviraj and the real Sarju as to who Sarju is and who the deceiver is. Prithviraj decides to take revenge on Bhimdev.

Bhimdev reveals to his minister about exchanging the crate containing Mohini’s body.

They tell Prithviraj that the minister will tell about him to Bhimdev and their plan will fail. Kalyani in concerned about Prithviraj as he is fights for her position in the palace. Queen mother discusses about Jaichand’s wedding with Jaimal. Vibhishan informs Bhimdev that Prithviraj has changed his plan and will come from Gitapur.

Bhimdev’s men try to kill Sanyogita but Prithviraj saves her.

Sanjam dies when he tries escaping from the camp. Someshwar encourages his troop to fight against Bhimdev’s troop. Meanwhile Sanyogita comes there and takes him to a safe place. Mahipat tells Vachan to kill Prithviraj. The boat hits a hillock and they get lost in the forest.

He and his friends plan to kill Bhimdev and as per the plan epiwode hide themselves. Manipath and Vachan come to the palace from a secret road. Chander feels very bad for Prithavi’s behaviour. Jaimal finds out the reason that stopped Kamalavati from attending the wedding. Prithviraj impersonates as an old man and tells Vikram that he is his uncle. The minister sees that Prithviraj in the lame sage’s disguise is not lame.


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Jaichand breaks his relationship with Someshwar’s family. Shera saves Prithviraj’s life and Prithviraj infers that Shera is not Bhimdev’ spy. She notices Chakradhar’s hand with a tattoo of Lord Shiva and runs to inform Surya.

Prithviraj falls into a ravine and is found by Ramanuj. Mahipat consumes poison at the prison which was given by Jaimal. Someshwar tries to calm down Kamalavati.

A student Karan provokes Prithviraj every lasst and then. Prithviraj Chauhan plays with Jaimal.

Ghori Captures Prithviraj!

Devbrot sees that it’s Prithviraj who sent him a note and he reveals to him that Sastak threatened to kill his son and hence he joined him. Prithviraj’s friends are trapped and hope for Prithviraj to rescue them. Prithviraj orders his army to get ready to attack on Gujrat. Prithviraj passes a message to Bhimdev through Chander that he will seldom spare him in the battle field.