The Joseon Annals recorded more factual information rather than daily happenings and the personalities of the different royal members. Hi you can watch it on Channel U every Mondays to Fridays, 7pm if you are from Singapore or online at http: Maybe a rivalry between their sons. I hope they do it in moderation. She did catch sekyongs eye and he bedded her, it is notated that he went from taking a liking to her, to appreciating her, to loving her. Han Hyo Joo Main Cast.

Conversations can be shortened, and superfluous ones can be eliminated entirely. Choi Ha Na Supporting Cast. Jewel in the Palace was the first Korean drama I ever watched and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to watch another one which was Dong Yi. I read in other page he probably died of botulism I believe of botulism. Your email address will not be published. Download Episode 53 English subtitles. Download Episode 36 English subtitles.

That is one of the reasons why dlng enjoyed this drama. Well on the last espoide as we know that queen inhon adopted prince yeoning since dong yi wanted to make geum the crown prince so geum rise to the throne as king after that happens dong yi dies end up in heaven meets king sukjong as the last espoide ends dong yi and sukjong hold hands together as they 2 in a field which turns out to be heaven.

Lee Sook Supporting Cast.

When Sekyong was told of Sukbins failing health,he resided for the rest of her life with her and then did die two years after her death. I just read all the comments above and i actually regreted it a little coz i am halfway from d ending. Great eoisode and cast. Meet the community members dedicated yk bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

So yeah, maybe she died that way. Either espoide 50 or 51 where she gives birth to geum in the latter part of the espoide where dong yi gets kicked out of the palace wen she tells the dramacrazt her real last name as we know as choi dong yi not chun dong yi and after that happens then dong yi reveals to king sukjong that dong yis father and brother were the members of the sword organization and then after that happened dong yi gets kicked,out of the palace,then few months later dong yi gives birth to her son geum who becomes the 21 king of chosun then dong yi and geum are sent back to the palace after king sukjong asks to come back.


Watchers can only take so much of evil and its prevalence. DY is a nice drama and I have watched as many of Korean historical drama which I love most, dramscrazy them in their hanboks, tradtional houses etc made me feel as if am in that century or a korean. So dong yi will die on the dohg huh. In the teledrama, why did the prince the son of Dong yi die of dont and fever if he would be the next king of Joseon?

Download Episode 02 English subtitles. During the day, he works at the royal police station, inspecting bodies suspected of dying from foul play, while at night, he assumes the identity of the leader of dramadrazy underground Geomgye secret society that fights corruption and misdeeds. I began t to read the history of korean in wikipedia. The story line isn’t too slow or boring. All the actors and actresses are acting so nice, I like the costumes from all cast.

Yeo Hyun Soo Supporting Cast. Heo Yi Seul Supporting Cast. The scene where he tries to protect her with a dramacrqzy even though he has never gotten into a fight before as a king was both touching and comical! And fifth of they did keep all the infomation in the palace on people who work in the palace if u watch tv show dong yi they had all the info includin the lower classes so. Download Episode 08 English subtitles. Currently the station is in talks with the actors to extend their contracts, and is pushing hard for the added episodes.

All those flashbacks that serve no purpose yes, I do in dramxcrazy remember the conversation that occured ten seconds ago or earlier in the ti can go, and so can needless subplots for example, that oh-so hilarious artist in Yi San was excruciatingly boring and irrelevant to the story, not to mention redundant since Cho-bi was already there providing actually funny comic relief.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Download Episode 21 English subtitles. Download Dong Yi Watch online here. All of these complaints about extending Dong Yi. For me, the flashbacks do not help and can get annoying because the flashbacks were actually conversations you’ve just heard just nanoseconds ago.


Download Episode 35 English subtitles. She already looks dynamite in just a checkered shirt and that dirty hat! Download Episode 18 English subtitles. She would never have been accepted as queen, it was never an option, however the new queen did adopt yeoning and it is recorded that he was her favoriteas well.

Dong yi rocks but the end is like very sad wen dong yi meets up with. Download Episode 54 English subtitles. Download Episode 57 English subtitles. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast.

The queen was sent from the palace and was returned, mostly from regrets according to notes of the kings councilors. I liked the kid actors and don’t care much for the young adult actors who replaced them so I’ve got a problem maintaining interest.

Lady Jan’s Neverland: Korean Drama – Dong Yi / Jewel in The Crown

Conversations can be shortened, and superfluous ones can be eliminated entirely. Download Episode 32 English subtitles. Download Episode 27 English subtitles.

Download Episode 16 English subtitles. If you want to know the real history of the sramacrazy I suggest you to look for information, in internet you can find plenty of webs where you can look up.

Did Dong Yi and King Sukjong really have a long romance?

I believe of botulism. I also love the recent episode where Dong Yi and the king meet once again after she had to fled the palace when the Queen tried to kill her and dkng able to reveal their feelings about each other.

Even 50 episodes is a little too much, and adding an extension will probably just damage the story. HOpefully, i’ll warm up to him in the next few eps.

Episode 27

Choi Jae Ho Supporting Cast. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Download Episode 10 English subtitles. Besides, chunsoo was a fictional character in this drama.