Retrieved 21 January Pako episodes, Mikee Quintos Retrieved April 2, Dado episodes, Edwin Reyes Ang newbie actress rin na si Mikee Quintos naman ang gaganap sa papel ni Lira, ang anak ni Sang’gre Amihan. They held the Brilyante ng Apoy Gemstone of Fire.

Arde was banished to limbo, transformed into a dragon tasked to forever safeguard the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the damned, Bala-ak. Hera Volo, the royal house of Etheria’s military and infantry that have special abilities in the category of time, space and speed such as accelerating or enhancing the speed of their movements, teleportation, time travel and manipulation of time. Orthana uncredited 2 episodes, Cherrie Madrigal The four territories banded together and with the help of Emre through his gift, the Mother Gem , Etheria was destroyed completely and was forgotten from the memories of all encantados. Si Glaiza de Castro ang muling magbibigay buhay sa karakter ni Sang’gre Pirena, ang tagapangalaga ng brilyante ng apoy na unang ginampanan ni Sunshine Dizon. Pirena then fools her sisters and ruled over Lireo, she bore a daughter named Mira while Amihan bore Lira who then took refuge in the mortal world. Amir uncredited 1 episode,

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The five gems was then merged back as one. Through the machinations of the goddess, Ether, by using the blood and spirit from the dead from the Great War, The prophecy was fulfilled and the Golden Hourglass was re-discovered.


Vish’ka uncredited 9 episodes, Lindsay De Vera Gurna episodes, Christian Bautista Also their deity, Ether and her lover, Arde can finally usurp the divine throne of Emre in Devas. On Wednesday, July 13, the cast of the much anticipated “requel” or retelling were presented to the press in their respective costumes from the fantaserye.

Vita uncredited 1 episode, Carmen Del Rosario But Hathoria, in retaliation, managed to massacre the Sapiryan royal family and destroy the kingdom.

Gilas uncredited 29 episodes, Zoren Legaspi Louie 1 episode, Adhara episodes, Agua uncredited 4 episodes, Maureen Larrazabal End of PH drug menace in 3 years Philippines. Icarus uncredited 23 episodes, Rodjun Cruz Hera Sensa, the royal house of Etheria’s scholars. Because of Pirena’s lies and manipulations, she was successful in destroying the relationship of her sisters and usurping the throne from Amihan through the reemake of King Hagorn of Hathoria.

Si Kylie Padilla ang gaganap bilang si Sang’gre Amihan, ang humahawak sa brilyante ng hangin at ginampanan noon ni Iza Calzado. Sol uncredited 5 episodes, Arvak episodes, The sisters will soon learn that the greatest magic of all is forgiveness and love and that only through unity can they stop the evil that spread through their realm. Alira Naswen episodes, Wantuk episodes, It is headed by Etheria’s military general, Hera Juvila.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat The Kingdom of Adamya is located at Calatagan, Batangas. It consists of four television series that have run from to present and a single film.


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Lireo, in the east, is the matriarchal queendom of diwatas and lambanas fairies and pixies. Muyak episodes, An unknonw error has occurred.

Muyak episodes, Max Collins Barbaro uncredited 2 episodes, Geraldine Villamil Reyes said that he would return as the director of the series. Paopao uncredited 48 episodes, Since the designs I’ve made still include my signature details, it was not that hard for me and my team to create the costumes.

Gurna episodes, Dado episodes, Edwin Reyes They arrived in a strange, uninhabited land and claimed it for themselves. Each gemstone was given to the four major territories of Encantadia. 2061 episodes, Bandido Leader uncredited 2 episodes, Jolas Paguia Cassiopeia thought that this would bring peace to their land but instead it brought chaos. Pirena’s treachery set the chain of events that transpired for the separation of the gemstones.

Concept art, costumes unveiled.

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Encantadia’s costume designer is Francis Libiran, a world-renowned and critically acclaimed designer in the Philippines who did an extensive research to come up with the designs. They held the Brilyante ng Apoy Gemstone of Encatnadia. Dama uncredited 1 episode, Tanya Gomez Lusog 2 episodes, Kyle Manalo Encantadia Etheria Encantadia: