Natsu intervenes between Igneel and Acnologia’s battle, confused and angry over Igneel’s unexplained return. Later, Erza and Mirajane collapse and are captured by Crawford, who hands them over to Tartaros. After spending the entire day searching, Frosch ends up at the Fairy Tail guildhall by mistake, to Rogue’s dismay. Approaching Hisui at Eclipse, Lucy tells the princess that the Eclipse Cannon has no such function, having been telepathically informed of this by her spirit Crux. Igneel bites off Acnologia’s arm, but Acnologia mercilessly kills the fire dragon, to Natsu’s horror. As Warren telepathically contacts the rest of the guild, Happy relays Hades’s message to Makarov, who determines he must activate Lumen Histoire. Meanwhile, Romeo tells Wendy and Carla of the clones’ weakness and sends her to meet Natsu before being infected as well. Sting and Rogue fight their former master, allowing Natsu and Gray to focus on battling Mard Geer in his Etherious form.

However, Ophiuchus reveals this to be a part of her plan to sacrifice the Eclipse spirits to the Celestial Spirit King as part of a new ritual, Liberam Verus. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting’s surrender is the outcome foretold to her, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon. Sting and Rogue arrive on the battlefield and join Natsu, who reluctantly accepts and pushes Mard Geer back with their assistance. Sting and Rogue fight their former master, allowing Natsu and Gray to focus on battling Mard Geer in his Etherious form. Gray uses his newfound understanding of the magic ice to unfreeze the Eternal Flame. They soon exhaust their ideas and press onward, unknowingly watched by a single-eyed flower. Afterwards, Natsu and his friends embark on a mission to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a “mole” a giant mudskipper.

Levy wins Capricorn’s quiz in a tie-breaking match by revealing her romantic crush, while Natsu and the others encounter the thirteenth Eclipse spirit Ophiuchus in the form of a sadistic nurse.

Elsewhere, Wendy and Carla awaken in Doranbalt’s care to discover thousands of Face bombs have appeared in place of the one they have destroyed. Fairy Tail and the other wizards begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl.

Leo resumes Liberam with the constellations of the defeated Eclipse spirits overhead. After Laxus and Raijin Tribe are brought to the guildhall to recover, Natsu furiously declares war on Tartaros to avenge their friends. Mirajane and Panther Lily join the fight against the Hungry Wolf Knights before a shockwave from one of Natsu’s attacks separates both teams into five groups. Natsu jumps onto the back of the fire dragon Atlas Flame and begins eating the flames covering his body.

Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending wpisode other before Aquarius resumes the fight. Angered by the village’s frozen state and Sylph Labyrinth’s callous effort to steal the Eternal Flame, Flare fights the treasure hunters alongside Lucy and Wendy.


Their argument allows Torafuzar to flood the area with toxic water to kill the wizards. Laxus inhales most of the particles to keep his friends from being contaminated, but he is unable to save the town, which is quarantined. However, the case is epjsode by the Eclipse form of Pisces, who appear as a mother shark and son kappa.

Faidy, Natsu enters the celestial world, convinced that fighting the spirits will return them to normal. She govoanime in the sewers together with Natsu and Happy, but they are forced to fly above the city to find it has been overrun with Ichiya clones. As a result of her spell, however, the wizards avoid their own deaths, including Gray’s. Gajeel quickly loses oxygen while fighting Torafuzar underwater, but Levy saves him from drowning by giving him air with a kiss.

Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, who appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast. When Lector defends Sting, Ziemma seemingly kills him, only epixode Sting to blast the guild master through the chest. After Atlas Flame’s disappearance, Fairy Tail celebrates their mission’s success while Flare is welcomed back by the giants of Sun Village.

However, Kemo-Kemo merges with the island as it sinks into the ocean, leaving a seed behind that Natsu plants in front of his house in memory of Kemo-Kemo. Arcadios pushes Lucy and Yukino to safety on top of the ledge, telling them to eipsode and meet Hisui. Using her clairvoyance, Carla reconfigures Face to vairy and tells Wendy to save herself from the explosion, but she declines and they activate the mechanism together. They return to the guildhall where Asuka gives her parents the lacrima after eating a cake that Erza, Wendy, Carla, and Lily have spent the day making for her.

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Haitoku epixode Zainin ” Japanese: Gajeel single-handedly defeats the corrupted Rogue, which causes the shadow to release Rogue from its control and flee. Natsu reunites with Lucy to battle Franmalth, who has the ability to absorb Lucy’s spirits and mimic their powers. Meanwhile, Natsu falls ill as a result of harboring Leo’s dark magic. As he disappears, Rogue tells Natsu gogoainme protect Frosch in one year’s time, shocking him with the mysterious name of Frosch’s killer.

Hisui tells him about a new plan called Eclipse 2, which she has devised after being forewarned of the kingdom’s destruction episodr a time traveling stranger from an apocalyptic future.


Igneel reveals that he and the other dragons sealed themselves within the dragon slayers to immunize them from becoming dragons like Acnologia, and to have the opportunity of killing Acnologia themselves.

However, Natsu reveals himself to be a decoy for Gray, who shoots Mard Geer down with an arrow taik demon-slaying ice. Cana struggles to grasp the rules 2155 the game, but quickly discovers that both she and Scorpio make up the rules as they play and is able to outsmart Scorpio, eventually allowing her to play her strongest card, Gildarts. Fairy Tail episode lists Japanese television seasons. As Bickslow and Evergreen battle electric serpents in the city, Laxus and Fried find a lacrima charged with Laxus’s lightning magic in the underground sewers.

The wizards inside Astral Spiritus begin demolishing everything around them while Natsu battles Ophiuchus and the others attack the globe outside. When Natsu overcomes his spirit forms, Franmalth assumes a powerful new form that shocks the wizards. During their fight, Minerva’s memories of her father’s abuse surface and she suffers an emotional breakdown, asking Erza to kill her. As Crawford attempts to locate the final key to Face, Zero awakens and seemingly vaporizes Jellal.

Capricorn challenges Levy to a trivia quiz, while Mirajane defeats Pisces in an underwater battle. In Crocus, the dragon Motherglare lays multiple eggs that hatch into dragon-like offspring, which the other wizards fend off. After Doranbalt erases the guild’s memories of Lumen Histoire, Makarov unveils an invisible Fairy Tail emblem on Doranbalt’s shoulder, revealing him to be a gogoainme member who erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council.

The bomb explodes, but Doranbalt saves the epiisode and commends them for their heroism. gogoamime

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Natsu uses his fire attacks to knock the one-eyed bird onto the flame’s altar, reigniting the flame. The dragons, Rogue, and the alternate Lucy’s body disappear into their respective timelines as a result; the alternate Lucy awakens in a golden grassland and meets the spirits of her friends who were killed in her timeline.

Cana unseals the guild and fairyy begin their assault on Tartaros. Meanwhile, Silver separates Gray from the others for a private confrontation. Sting and Rogue arrive on the battlefield and join Natsu, who reluctantly accepts and pushes Mard Geer back with their assistance.