Technology is gripping the hearts of most of the known Western World, making human beings into zombies of brainless people. In , the thirty 30 year war began in Europe. The Great Day will dawn and soon the World without End, will begin. Francis was not canonically elected and Benedict was usurped. This will start with the destruction of the Golden Dome, the attack and invasion of Israel, the nuclear destruction of Iran and the major war in the Middle East; the invasion of Europe by Russia; the attack from China in the Region of Asia and the attack and invasion of the U. The politics and reigns of various Kings, Rulers and Governments have played a major role in choosing the Popes over a two thousand 2, year history of Holy Mother Church.

St Bernard was horrified at the slaughter of men, women and children, Muslims and Jews, by Christian soldiers. The Warning will be the most severe upon souls in authority, as God will exact much from them after the Warning — correcting the laws that govern their countries. Our Lord asks this of Pope Benedict, as he is the legitimate true Pope. The Lists are not permitted to be reproduced, sold, or handed out to any person at random. Many years later I reduced this to 30 days because of the shortness of time left to mankind. Thomas Moore, defender of the faith, and Bishop Fisher.

I now reveal to you something which you have always wanted to know in reference to the Stations of the Cross Rosary. It will feel as if we were dying, but we will not die because from it, although it is possible that we could die of fright, or from the impression of seeing ourselves and what we are internally.

This force shall go within the very core of the human. I call all children of the world to once again form many pilgrimages cwoda My Holy Shrines, so that many souls will turn back to God. Use the Sacramentals that I have given you throughout the ages and in particular, use the Saint Benedict Medal. Children, many, many souls will be lost when the day of the Warning comes. It will be the triumph of Our Lady.

I see my beautiful Guardian Angel kneel down, as Our Lady enters my apartment over the statue. The difference between the two groups: There are seven great promises attached to this Rosary Novena.


Deign, O Queen of Peace, to bring to the world that peace which the world cannot give: It is important to know that the Church has produced ninety-seven 97 Popes who were Canonized Saints and even some of them were vsoda Anti-Popes.

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I come on an urgent errand today, because men have forgotten My visitations at Garabandal, with My urgent Message given to the world, so many years ago.

He was only twenty 20 — cruel and immoral, he raped, murdered and was into bestiality. I see great Saint Michael parting the Sea — like Moses did — but the Sea has many roses bobbing up and down.

In an instant everything will stop.

“Virrasszatok tehát, mert nem tudjátok, mely napon jön el uratok.” Mt 24:42

Then Anti-Pope Laurantius — The Germanic clans and vandals and the Huns themselves, sacked Rome. All of this Jesus told me and locked it in my mind and said it would be unlocked once I prayed and asked the Angels. Constantine, the Emperor of the Roman Empire, was the leader who protected the Christian Church and stopped the persecution of the Church.

Garabandal is a small and humble town situated in a mountainous zone in Northern Spain, where even to this day retains the marks left by the Presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the almost 3, Public Apparitions, between the years andto four girls between the ages of 11 and 12 — Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Cruz and Mari Loli.

Also about the hypocrisy of celibacy, when in fact the Pope had mistresses and fornicated, and even had incest with his daughter.

Between the 8th and 16th of March — April or May. The time will come when Benedict will flee to a fatimaj land — and this will be your sign that the Great Warning of My Mercy will be witnessed, but the road to Calvary has commenced.

Some would go to Heaven and will experience a glimpse of Heaven, as a reward for their faith-filled lives. Heavy rains will come and many large fires — all of this, to show the world that they must stop now before it is too late. Jesus explained to me about sin — about the effects of games technology on the Internet, on iPads and mobile phones — about the movies that contained violence and explicit sensual expressions and how that affects man, without man realizing it.


We love You, Jesus.

Inthe thirty 30 year war began in Europe. But it was inSt Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake due to the wars between England and France. Even though he defended the Pope and the Church, his decision to make himself the Head of the Church of England was no big deal.

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There are many, many Messages available about the Warning. The body starts to manifest illnesses of various kinds. Crops failed; the plague struck. Everyone will be in My Presence in life and will see themselves without masks. I ask you, children, who is subservient to whom?

Likewise, we implore Thee, O Mother of Mercy, by this manifest miracle of Thy all-powerful intercession, to make known to the world the truth of Thy universal mediation of Grace.

Messages of William Costellia — 13 December All will turn good — trust and continue to offer all. At the same time you must pray: Many do, but then fall away when He grants them time to put their house in order. Pope John XII —became Pope at eighteen 18 He was lazy; he invoked demons; murdered and mutilated men and turned Papal Palaces into whore houses.

My Love to My children. My Mercy will flow unto the world — but Justice shall also reign. This Mystical Event, which will be experienced by all of My children over 7 years of age everywhere throughout the world, will take place. It is suggested that you put aside the sort of food you normally eat and enough for two families to live for a period of three to six months.

The beginning and the end of the world will become one.

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This is the most important time csoad the history of the world. It will last 15 minutes and will be seen in the sky. He will forgive them as these are my own words from Jesus. You have listened to the vile promises of your enemy, Satan, as he offers you all types of enticements, pleasures of the flesh, power to control your brothers and sisters, placing heavy burdens upon yourselves.