Sadeq El Omr — Drama, History 3. Al-Bahhar Mondi — Drama 4. Ya ward meen yeshtereek — 1, min Drama 3. Escaping from the West — Crime, Drama, Thriller 5. Kalbi younadiek — Romance 4. Wa Adet El-Quloub — Drama 5.

When Abbas dies after being hit by a taxi cab, Karima discovers that Kalam neswan — 60 min Drama 4. Sayein Dayein — Comedy, Drama 3. A woman starts to receive mysterious messages in her dreams after a tragic car accident guiding her to help some people and to solve a mystery. Ostaz Wa Ra’ees Kesm — Drama 4. Ramez Plays with Fire — 26 min Comedy 4. Mamoun Wa Shurakah — Drama 4.

Ahzan Mariam — Drama 3. Salma Ya Salama — Drama 4.

Hakawy Tarh Al-Bahr — Drama 3. Sadeq El Omr — Drama, History 3. Win El Banat — Drama 3. Friska — 1, min 5. Al Sayeda AL Aoula: Footsteps of the Devil 2 — Drama 5. Heba regl el ghorab Comedy 4. Karima is a hard-working woman from a working class neighborhood, she is married to Abbas and they have three children.

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This series tells the story of Mariam, an opportunist who makes one of the presidential candidate marry her so she becomes “The First Lady”. Rassayel Mystery 5.


Kalbi younadiek — Romance 4. Fe ghamdet Een — Drama 5. Ostaz Wa Ra’ees Kesm — Drama 4. Wakkelna Walla — Comedy, Drama, Family 3. Operation Messi — Comedy 4.

An orphan girl finds out that her uncle will give her the money she inherited, but she got killed in an accident Her friend from the orphanage is gonna impersonate her and take the money is it true the girl got killed in that accident? Mosalsaliko — Comedy 3. Sayein Dayein — Comedy, Drama 3. Malak rohi — Drama 5. Seriess from the West — Crime, Drama, Thriller 5.

Kalam neswan — 60 min Drama 4. As a production team works to produce a show hosted by Moez Masoud about getting to know ‘the other’, they themselves undergo dramas in their lives and have their own experiences of knowledge and reconciliation.

A talk able monkey lives in a local region in Egypt is assigned by the Egyptian police in a secret mission. El Attar wal Sabaa Banat — Drama 5.

Leqaa ala al hawaa — Drama 5. Siret Hob-Love Story — Romance 3.

Agmal Qesset Hob

Mamoun Wa Shurakah — Drama 4. Ard Al Nefaq 30 min Comedy 4. Awlad Azzam — Drama 4.


Very Stingy Man Called Mamoun, He has four sons that he prohibits them form everything and his wife, even separated all about him, and then they find out that he is a billionaire, and the Al-Bahhar Mondi — Drama 4.

Eish ayamak — 1, min Comedy, Drama 2.

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One of them is a rich businessman whom she owes a lot, financially and Al Rayyan 45 min Biography 5. Selssal El Dam — Drama 4. Hadret Al Motaham Abi Drama 4. A comedy of errors befalls residents in a dilapidated tenement of Cairo’s renowned 5th district, as a series of handymen, laborers and nannies attempt to fix the crumbling building to ekn avail. Al Seif Al Wardi — Drama yhamdet. Ardh Khass — Drama 4. Al-Harafeesh — 40 min Drama 5.