The end of state subsidies, rapid inflation, higher taxes, widespread impoverishment and the decline of the middle class were especially evident in Antananarivo, as was the growing wealth of a tiny political and economic elite in the city. Conservation and reconstruction work at the site is ongoing. The CUA is divided into six numbered arrondissements administrative sub-districts ; it has historically been administered by an elected mayor and associated staff. Retrieved 24 October He moved the kingdom’s political capital back to Antananarivo in , [15] and declared Ambohimanga the kingdom’s spiritual capital, a role it still maintains. An urban master plan guides major policies for city management but personnel within the mayoral office commonly lack the urban planning and management ability to effectively implement the plan in response to long-term and immediate needs. In , 60 percent of households were using shared public latrines. Archived from the original on August 10,

Declaring it the site of his capital, Andrianjaka built a rova fortified royal dwelling that expanded to become the royal palaces of the Kingdom of Imerina. The Journal of African History. The Palais des Sports in the Mahamasina neighborhood is the country’s only indoor performance space built to international standards. A tunnel built by the French in the early 20th century cuts through the hillside; it connects Ambohijatovo with Ambanidia and other residential areas in the south of the city. It also provides for awareness raising campaigns in favor of historic preservation and undertakes projects to restore dilapidated historic buildings and sites. Most of Madagascar’s public and private universities are located in Antananarivo.


Antananarivo Capitals in Africa Cities ambollokandrina Madagascar Populated places in Analamanga Regional capitals in Madagascar Populated places established in the s s establishments in Africa. The Palais des Sports in the Mahamasina neighborhood is the country’s only indoor performance space built to international standards. Ambolokzndrina territorial divisions were strictly enforced; members of subcastes were required to live within their designated territories and were not authorized to stay for extended periods in the territories reserved for others.

Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved 3 June Under the French, tunnels were constructed through two of the city’s largest hills, connecting disparate districts and facilitating the town’s expansion. In response, Mayor Rajoelina undertook an audit that identified and sought to address long-standing procedural irregularities and corruption in the city’s administration. Retrieved 12 January Conservation and reconstruction work at the ankstso is ongoing.


Retrieved 25 June Only family tombs were built from stone, an inert material viewed as appropriate to use for the dead. Tsimbazaza Zoo displays many of the island’s unique animal ambolokanndrina and a complete skeleton of the extinct elephant bird.

Branches and feeder roads from these major highways connect the city to the national road network. This challenge is compounded by the high turnover rate of mayors and staff that frequently disrupts initiatives begun by previous CUA administrations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Antananarivo encompasses three ridges that intersect at their highest point. These interlinked bus systems served aroundambilokandrina each day.

Other historic buildings include the Ambatondrafandrana tribunal where Ranavalona I dispensed judgement, the second residence of Rainilaiarivony with its indigenous medicinal plant garden, [37] the recently renovated Soarano railroad station, four late 19th century memorial churches built to commemorate early Malagasy Christian martyrs, the tomb of Prime Minister Rainiharo, and the early 20th century pavilions of the Analakely market.

Under this plan, 19th-century sites, like the Ambatondrafandrana tribunal and the second residence of Rainilaiarivony, have been renovated.

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In general, availability and quality of health care is better in Antananarivo than elsewhere in Madagascar, although it remains inadequate across the country relative to that in more developed countries. Retrieved 31 August Dependent territories and ambolokandrinna with limited recognition are in italics. Radama’s subjugation of other Malagasy ethnic groups brought nearly two-thirds of the island under his control.

Waste water is often discharged directly into the city’s waterways. State of Pollution Series “.

Hundreds protest Madagascar mayor’s sacking”. Air pollution from vehicle exhaust, residential coal-burning stoves, and other sources is worsening. More recent residential and commercial buildings and family rice fields occupy lower terrain throughout the capital.

Merina King Andrianjakawho migrated to the region from the southeast coast, seized the location as the site of his capital city.

Internet and mobile telephone networks are readily available and affordable, although disruptions in service occur periodically. The large population in Antananarivo and the high density of its residential zones pose challenges to public health, sanitation, and access to clean drinking water. Retrieved 30 August Antananarivo has one of the worse air pollution in the world [92] [93]. Will the yoghurt tycoon take over? Antananarivo — Climate graph, Temperature graph, Climate table altitude: The city’s history as the island’s major center for politics, culture and trade has ensured a cosmopolitan mix of ethnic groups from across the island and overseas.


In the 17th century, the plains were transformed into paddy fields to meet the population’s need for rice; they were covered with housing developments as the city’s population grew rapidly in the 20th century. Despite ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Domestic Security, crime has worsened in Antananarivo since The recent increase in crime and the inadequate response from the CUA has prompted the growth of private security firms in the city.

Retrieved 6 October Ivato International Airport is located approximately 15 kilometres 9 miles from the center of the city, connecting Antananarivoto to all national airports.

All four teams train and play local ambolokamdrina in Mahamasina Municipal Stadiumthe largest sporting venue in the country.

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These paddy fields, of which the largest is called the Betsimitatatra, continue to produce rice. His diplomatic and military successes extended Imerina far beyond its traditional borders, bringing the lands of neighboring ethnic groups under Merina control. Retrieved on 6 July Rural migration to the capital propels this growth; the city’s population exceeds that of the ambolokandrin five provincial capitals combined.

Since pre-colonial times the lower classes, including those descended from the slave class andevo and rural migrants, have occupied the flood-prone lower districts bordering the Betsimitatatra rice fields to the west of the city.