The Killer Reserved Nine Seats The two are knocked over the side of the bridge; while Tyler is killed by the fall, Max survives. British Board of Film Classification. A sequel, Max 2: Learn more More Like This. She attempts to leave the city, but is captured by Tyrell’s men and forcibly taken to a charity ball at the Coco Bongo hosted by Niko and attended by the city’s elite, including Mayor Tilton Ivory Ocean. Tina throws the mask into the water, and she and Stanley kiss. Roza Janowska Julita Witt

Max is a American family adventure drama film directed by Boaz Yakin , and co-written with Sheldon Lettich. Max fights them off, severely wounding one of the dogs, while Justin runs away and leaves his bike behind. As Rothman approaches the cafe for his interview with Hitler, he is savagely beaten by a group of anti-semites, who had attended Hitler’s rally and been incited into the racial attack on Rothman by Hitler’s words. Charlie then jumps in the water to retrieve the mask for himself, only to find Milo swimming away with it. After Kyle’s body is brought home for burial, the other Marines notice that Max is only calm when he is around Justin, apparently sensing that he is Kyle’s brother. Was this review helpful to you? Retrieved September 1, For the horror film, see The Mask film.

The Mask Son of the Mask. One day, Tyrell sends his singer girlfriend Tina Carlyle Cameron Diaz into Stanley’s bank to record its layout, in preparation to rob the bank.

The year isand Max Rothman John Cusacka fictional Munich art dealeris a veteran of the Third Battle of Ypreswhere he lost his right arm during the latter stages of World War Ieffectively ending his career as a painter. The record label Epic Soundtrax released an orchestral score soundtrack to The Mask shortly after the original soundtrack’s release.

Kyle is questioned when weapons seized by his squad go missing. Stanley later consults a psychiatrist Ben Stein who has recently published a book on masks and discovers that the object may be a creation of Lokithe Norse god of darkness and mischief. Later, Rothman begins to question Hitler’s motives regarding his racial views. The movie looks pretty fklm and the work that has gone into the art department is quite a feet, especially considering the budget.


Justin initially wants little to do makss Max but eventually warms up to him. When he gets home, he finds Tyler and Stack, the cartel’s dog handler, who was injured in the melee. The film was the directorial debut of Menno Meyjeswho also wrote the film. Full Cast and Crew. Realizing his friend Opbesneo Harne Luke Kleintank is among those involved with the shady dealings, he warns Tyler that he cannot cover for him.

Later, Justin is approached by Chuy’s other cousin Emilio Joseph Julian Soriaa cartel member, who presses him over a video game bootleg. British Board of Film Classification.

Films directed by Boaz Yakin. Retrieved September 1, When she bears witness to some strange occurrences, she gets drawn into the bizarre and deadly web that surrounds the dark secret of the school After not finding help in the town, they decide to confront these men with the help of a pair of This article is about the film. We’ve had a couple of false starts. Retrieved from ” https: Edit Did You Know?

While advancing on a suicide bomber, Max is injured by an explosion. The two are knocked over the side of the bridge; while Tyler is killed by the fall, Max survives.

Character flaws and other things might spoil your fun, otherwise you will get a nice little horror movie with neat effects. The booming comic-book publisher gets a multi-picture deal before the Jim Carrey film even opens.

For the horror film, see The Mask film. Paul Naschy plays a hunchback with below average intelligence who works at the morgue. In the ensuing gunfight, Kyle is shot and killed.

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pobedneo Seeing Hitler’s architectural sketches, with their appeal to a romanticized national greatness, Rothman realizes this is where Hitler’s talent lies, and that it would be far less dangerous if confined to art galleries. Despite his overall doubts about Hitler, Rothman agrees to take some of his paintings under a contractual basis. Still you have to respect the choices that were made. The Rise of Evil Downfall.


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Animators’ Hall of Fame. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Hitler’s possible monorchism Conspiracy theories about Hitler’s death Streets named after Hitler Mannerheim recording. Rise of an Empire.

After recovering the mask, Stanley uses its special powers to rescue Tina by swallowing Tyrell’s bomb and flushing Tyrell down the drain of the club’s ornamental fountain. As The Mask, Stanley exacts comical revenge on his tormentors and scares off a street gang that attempts to rob him by turning a balloon into a Tommy gun and humiliates two repairmen who scammed him earlier.

Max makes it home and leads Justin, Chuy, and Carmen into the woods to rescue Ray. The film was written and directed by screenwriter Menno Meyjes. The police arrive and arrest Tyrell’s remaining henchmen while Kellaway attempts to arrest Stanley once again.

Sin City Sin City: Retrieved June 29, That’s all about to change when enraged teens Nicholas, Calvin and Julia find him, each with their own agenda for ffilm to see Danny suffer. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat On the possibility of a third film, Mike Richardson has said, “We’ve been talking about reviving The Maskboth in film and in comics.

Little by little, Max’s behavior improves around other people. Audible Download Audio Books.