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In Chinese and English. A parallel can then be drawn with Sound as an art medium that similarly slowly evolved to become one of the most important feature in contemporary art, since the dawning of the Twentieth Century.

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The Black Sun – Films – Navigator Film – Dokumentarfilme

Along with his brother Manuel, he has been collecting contemporary art since The Arts for Television51, Haro also serves on the board of Directors of Studio Voltaire, an independent arts organization in London, with an exhibition, commissioning and performance programme, educational activities and artist studios.

Amours, What is that leads collectors un commit to curatorial processes, apart from the will to pay justice to the artists beyond the market?

Texts by Elaine W. Since is the CEO of the Group. Octobre Marathon dance18— Having received a great deal of attention since its inception, EIKON Schaufenster is a presentation platform in the heart of the Museumsquartier providing free access to Austrian and international photography and media art 12 hours daily. Printemps de Cahors18, Australian Video Festival Ltd.


In these cases, they evolve into vital platforms, aimed at exploring the social and at fostering the videotwge of either local and international communities.

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