She has degrees in Design and Animation from Geidai. There are two stop motion animators in this graduating class who also attracted my interest: Some becomes like carp, crowing around [bait]. Read my full review of A Gum Boy. Follow her on tumblr and youtube. State Academy of Visual Arts Stuttgart. He completed his MA in Animation at Geidai in

Cathy Munroe Hotes He has a degree in Economics from Keio University. Royal Northern College of Music. Kokusai Koryu Kaikan International House. A Place to Name. Unexpectedly there appears a strange cotton candy man who makes magical cotton candies, which transform themselves into various animals and give the girl a happy fluffy moment. Etsuo Tsukamoto and Arisa Wakami provided additional assistance. Only the power of image can make these unite.

She studied animation at Tokyo Polytechnic University Yet there is a huge and ferocious bird. Nobody knows anything about what happened to him afterwards after that.

University for the Creative Arts. The hole was filled half by the dead body.

Follow her on tumblr and youtube. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.

Nishikata Film Review: Geidai Animation: 6th Graduate Works (DVD)

His room was full of specimens and each specimen had a significant name. The class of was taught by Professors Yuichi Ito stop motion animatorMitsuko Okamoto animation producerKoji Yamamura multi-award winning geidaii animator and Oscar nomineeand Taruto Fuyama animator, stop motion software developer.


Then comes a bird. He had nothing to identify himself and his existence was to come to naught.

You can follow Okuda on twitter and vimeo. Everyone is in solitude. Many people on social media have told me that they wish that they, too, could have been there. She takes the shadow off. Posted by Cathy Munroe Hotes at The balance between his delusions and reality is in constant flux.


Tokyo University of the Arts

Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution U. There fil examples of stop motion geivai, anime style though usually with a twist of some kindabstract, 2D drawn animation and computer generated 3D. All alone with her father’s corpse. Finally, he decides to wear the costume all [the] time in [his] daily life. The fruit that failed to fruit. Before coming to Geidai, she studied animation at Tokyo Zokei University He has to go to his goal.

When the boy looked into the puddle, there was a red fish swimming. Nothing else bothered him. My Milk Cup Cow.

Results Announcement Ceremony for the “2014 Geidai Art Student Summit–Yokohama Art Story”

He starts to create his own world with materials popped up out of nowhere and build a house and make animals. Berlin University of the Arts.

For whom, or why he is waiting is not very important. Banno of next class came to school with his hair shaven. Even though I lose my memories and feelings of it, it does exist there and keeps to be in existence.


Some becomes like carp, crowing around [bait]. The blue becomes green and then yellow, which makes things unstable. Come Back to my Mind. This spring she began sharing her manga on her tumblr OnionSkin Publication. To date, exchange agreements have been achieved with the 74 universities and institutes fillm below. Order Geidai Animation Liechtenstein University of Fi,m Science.

He has a degree in Geology from Shinshu University Do As the Fish Tells You. Two Under the Grayish Sky. They are also athletes who won their happiness. In the dark room, the boy is dying to play outside, and his elder sister is full of anxiety. Way Back to the Sea. She is fed up and tries to ggeidai in vain.

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Newer Post Older Post Home. Tainan National University of the Arts. And eventually he makes a [complete] stop.