Travel Asia Pacific Korea. Hanazawa 10yr ago 5, jpops. Menu JpopAsia Search Login. Related Questions Gokusen 3 ep 5 eng subs? RagdollAlice23 6yr ago , jpops. I liked how old characters reappeard though I also would have liked for Matsumoto to appear again, like no matter when: The film is scheduled to hit theaters on July

I havent been able to find it: I can’t wait till the post it on the net: DialTone 9yr ago 1, jpops. Are sasaeng fans sources and info trustworthy or even real info?? I really want to see this movie so bad. The film is scheduled to open in July. I will watching it

Gokusen Episode 1 – video dailymotion

Ixdeny 5yr ago 1, jpops. How I wish the movie would be like: Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? The leader of the second-year students in the drama special is played by Kis-My-Ft2 member Yuta Tamamori, who gokussen never acted in a television drama before.

This movie is said to be Nakama’s last time to take on this role. Hanazawa 10yr ago 5, jpops. I we like to apply in Korea?

Shinichiwijaya 9yr ago jpops. RagdollAlice23 6yr ago gpkusen, jpops. I already watched it! I can’t wait to watch the movie, and I hope it comes out with subs soon: I already watched it Together with Kamenashi’s character, who has become a teacher in training, these graduates will lend their support to the beloved teacher “Yankumi,” played by starring actress Yukie Nakama.


Are sasaeng fans sources and info trustworthy or even real info?? XD he’s my oppa! Kame the only thing i didn’t like about it was the fact that they probably rerecorded the music, so it has the epiosde tune but the quality is different and it doesn’t sound quite as good.

[JMovie] Gokusen (The Movie)

Miki 9yr ago 3, jpops. How does a girl say I like you in Korean to her Crush? Everything was a bit too over the episofe. After three highly-rated seasons, the film will be the last time that lead actress Yukie Nakama plays the role of the teacher Yankumi.

Gokusen Episode 1

It is action but also has comedy in it! Secret Garden Episode 5. Now, the number of returning alumni has again increased, adding three students each from the drama’s first two seasons.

Menu JpopAsia Search Login. Was more interested in seeing Epiode, Hayami, Narimiya and Teppei, although they appeared for couple of minutes only.



NTV’s Toya Sato, who worked on the dramas, is directing. Special A ep 24 eng sub not fake final ep link inside? The story is related to a special episode airing on March 28 that deals with a big confrontation between the third-year students and the second-year students.

Which is a good thing! IkusaRei 9yr ago jpops. The picture opens in theaters on July LovelessHero 10yr ago 6, jpops.

I’d like to see MatsuJun and the rest of the group, the way I want to see Kame along with his troop But I watched the first and the second Home Charts Community Game.

Japan Plot The movie takes place after the graduation of that season’s third-year class, which includes students played by Yuya Takaki and Haruma Miura.