Don’t you want to All they can do is wait silently. What are you talking about? When Sano can high jump again Please take good care of Ashiya-kun. I haven’t jumped yet. After I left your room.

Come to think of it, I always wanted to ask you this. How can you do something like this? So then the summer vacation school day has arrived. I didn’t make the jump. I’ll get my chance now, right? I was able to meet a nice guy like Nakatsu. You just can’t miss it! What she think of all this?

Why do you have to get entangled with Sano?

I’ll win the game on your behalf! Why didn’t you stop him? Let me take a picture. Is it bad to have a girlfriend?!

Where did you go?!

You guys always piss me off. I told you I’m gonna be a pro. What are oimitachi talking about? Get outta my way! He totally chickened out. Let us see your real strength.

After graduation, We won’t be able to be this happy everyday. What’s your reason for being here then?


Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Episode 7~ English Sub HD

I’ll get my chance now, right? I have my suspicion long ago. Aren’t you guys in the baseball club?

I heard they have 3 black ballplayers. Even photo shb looking good. She’s in heaven already, right? Even with that many people? We also have a match tomorrow.

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Even though this thing is kind of ugly, but you should just wear it. After that, Sano worked hard to redeem himself kimtachi his long absence.

Pretending to be a couple to see Sano’s reaction. Let me use the school on the 7th It was destiny at first glance.

How about introduce me? The airplane makes an emergency landing. We don’t care about thing like that. We had such a good time! I heard Sano is sick. Raise englisb hand if you are in the soccer club. You still practice in this condition I’m handling the ball I meant I’ll win the game on everyone’s behalf. Why are you putting on a scared face? I used to do everything half way But, because Sano successfully made the jump, I decided to return to America because my purpose was fulfilled.


I’m not a homo! How can I just go home like that? I’m going to buy some juice Even though I’m not interested in following people.

This has nothing to do with Sano. Don’t just eliminate the possibility.

Because you guys are a veteran team. Don’t call me Masao!! Can you really abandon everything that easily? Nk brought Sano here Ashiya-kun, how’s your cold? It’ll determine who will become the most popular “King of Hotties” this year.