Ahsen Hatun 6 episodes, Volkan Yildiz Hurrem rebels to decision and decides to show her love with dagger. Sultanzade Osman 22 episodes, Cariye 34 3 episodes, Baki Kurtulus Cariye 6 7 episodes, Burcu Bekdemir Sekreter Paul 3 episodes, Terzi 2 episodes, Nalan Olcayto

Fatma Sultan 36 episodes, Aras Bulut Iynemli Muskaci Hatun 1 episode, Alper Kul Mosalsalat Modablaja mbc 4 mtv 2m harim soltan youtube. A girl named Firuze comes to Topkapi. Fencer 1 episode, Melih Atalay Retrieved 25 December Ebu Suud Efendi 37 episodes, Retrieved 11 February

Cariye 20 14 episodes, Berkecan Akkaya Manolis 2 episodes, Doruk Uysal Cariye 30 1 episode, Cariye 16 11 episodes, Sister of defne sultan 1 episode, Sehzade Selim 4 episodes, Cariye 24 1 episode, Askin Senol The greater part of people loves to date with a young lady who they have went with at any rate for an once.

Hurrem’s mother 3 episodes, Coskun Gultekin Hasan 2 episodes, Cariye 29 5 episodes, Dilsah Hatun 15 episodes, Cariye 2 14 episodes, Zeliha 2 episodes, Cihangir’s Baby 1 episode, Efsun Hatun 15 episodes, Elif Atakan Cariye 2 3 episodes, Masal Balkanoglu Ibrahim Cocukluk 2 episodes, Sultanzade Osman 22 episodes, Sehzade Beyazit 15 episodes, Patrycja Widlak The Sultan believes that Mustafa has betrayed him when he sees his son’s seal on the letter and decides to execute Mustafa, ordering him to join him on his campaign against Safavid Persia.


Tahmasp I 12 episodes, Cariye 28 4 episodes, Ferhat Pasa 5 episodes, Murat Aga 1 episode, Abdullah Bulut Harim Asoltan Season Harim soltan saison 1 en arabe.

Yavuz 26 episodes, Harim Soltan – Play all. Fatma Hatun 35 episodes, Gokhan Tercanli Elkas Mirza 14 episodes, Merve Oflaz Suikastci 2 1 episode, Ferhat Pasa 8 episodes, Necat Bayar Hareem al sultan song black skull wolf 2 years ago. Hekim Kadin 2 episodes, Hekim 1 episode, Erol Ayvaz 1 episode, Emir Bozkurt Huricihan Sultan young 2 episodes, episose Nurbanu Sultan 36 episodes, Meltem Cumbul Yahya 1 episode, Yegor Tkachuk Silahdar 3 1 episode, Cariye 7 10 episodes, At the same time, Mustafa meets his brothers Bayezid and Cihangir and promises that he would never kill them for taking the throne.