Though Akiba Blue frees him, Akiba Red repeatedly falls for Malseena posing as Sayaka and ends up being homoerotically pinned down again. Waking up from a dream, Akagi decides to get a drink at Himitsukichi where he reminisces with Hiroyo of when he, Yumeria and Mitsuki became the Akibarangers nine months ago. Realizing the effect his monsters have in reality, General Tsuu decides to use this fact to achieve his ultimate goals by bringing out an old project of his. Upon being offered a chance to become her eternal enemies and fight her indefinitely just like she promised them in the end of the first season, the Akibarangers refuse and Delu Knight fights them instead. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On their way, they help Sayaka, who broke the heel of one of her shoes on her way back to her office. By that time, Hiroyo hired a suit actor to pose as Deka Red and convince Akagi not to give up being a Akibaranger.

Waking up from a dream, Akagi decides to get a drink at Himitsukichi where he reminisces with Hiroyo of when he, Yumeria and Mitsuki became the Akibarangers nine months ago. The next morning, with Yumeria cosplaying as a blue-haired elementary school boy, Hiroyo explains to the trio that Akagi’s delusions were amplified by his alcohol intake. She explains to them that Takehiro was a genius who earned his doctorate at age 21 and became a top professor at 24 before marrying her mother. However, the two ignore the warning and join Akagi in the delusional battle, with Kozokoz unable to activate the Delusion Ejection System. Once returning to the Delusion World, the Akibarangers kidnap China Red to have him watch a poorly executed reenactment of Dairanger’s opening clip made by them, just to be forced to flee after Malseena and the others appear. Seeing themselves surrounded by the Akihabara crowd, the Akibarangers encourage them to take pictures while they unleash the Inordinate Cannon and destroy Alpaca with it. Hiroyo, on the other hand, ponders on how the real Deka Red showed up in their delusion. Once the battle ends, Mitsuki says her good bye to the others and leaves for America with Yumeria also leaving to handle something important with the Sentai group officially disbanded.

However, Alpaca destroys General Tsuu’s microphone and Malseena takes the opportunity to betray him, stealing his knowledge from the Super Sentai Series with a technique used by the Jakanja in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger vs.

Akagi, Hiroyo and Yumeria wake up from their delusion as Malseena releases Hiroyo before walking away, having completed her objective of making the Akibarangers break the wall between delusion and reality.

While waiting in a line for food, General Tsuu gets into a fight episoed the Yuru Chara mascot Yuru Sanae and loses horribly. The combined attacks of Akiba Red and Bouken Red force the Chief Clerk to retreat, while Akagi returns to the real world, still drunk and surrounded by people taking pictures of him. Right when she is about to finish off her comrades, the real Akiba Blue suddenly appears out of nowhere to intervene, which reminds Akiba Red of several “imposter” episodes of past Super Sentai titles.


Walking back home while reflecting on what she learned of her father and the MMZ designs, she suddenly realises her father’s true role in the group’s current adventures. Soon after, with her and hikonun group of Oneeders posing as a group of monks, Malseena appears and hands out pictures of Sentai villain actresses during dress rehearsals. KozuKozu approaches the trio and shows them a magazine with news that the Super Sentai Series will be canceled, and a new series with Hiroyo as a character will debut on its place.

As the quartet go akibatanger in Akihabara, Yumeria reveals that today is her 24th birthday. As Akagi’s wounds are tended, the trio apologizes to Hiroyo for disobeying her, yet they wish to know what she is hiding from them.

Akagi and the others then return to face her in the Delusional World, where she finally has them remember what really happened during the first season. However, Yumeria still has not returned and Mitsuki cannot be contacted, and upon coming across Luna Iwashimizu, an aspiring idol and Akibaranger fan, they recruit her as the new Akiba Blue.

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However, Ryu Senhai does not return to normal and hikonnin Akibarangers realize that something else is behind the Dairangers’ demotion to unofficial status, and things get even worse when Kiba Ranger appears and attacks them claiming that he aibaranger a score to settle with them.

This, however, does not mean she will leave the team for good. Akiba Red finds himself into a confusion with it until Blu-Ray finds them, and Hiroyo manages to get Akagi out of the delusion just as he realizes that the Dairangers had indeed lost their official status. She also reveals that by reaching Saburo Hatte’s dimension, she managed to inspire him to create a second season for the series, but she got angry upon losing her position as the main villain once again with the advent of General Tsuu, and after disposing of him, she episove the knowledge she obtained to assume control of all the Super Sentai villains and defeat the official heroes.

After Akagi and company reminisce about the events of the second season, it is revealed that the Akibarangers are still dead and akobaranger bidding farewell to Hiroyo and KozuKozu, they are called back to heaven by Yellow Four ITime Fireand Abare Killer.

But Akagi counters their argument by claiming that Hatte selected him to be the main character hikonnin the first place and that the series creator is projecting blame. As Akiba Red and Akiba Blue watch the explosion, Akiba Yellow gives her business card to the crowd; among them is a faceless vagrant with long hair, who then passes the card to Malseena while the Akibarangers are chased off by the police officer. However, as Boomerang Titan is about to squash Akiba Red, Akiba Akibqranger throws a soda can that sends one of the flying boomerangs back to the mecha, resulting in Boomerang Titan being destroyed by its own weapons with Delu Knight consumed in the explosion.

As Hiroyo watches Akagi transform in disbelief, she suddenly feels a surge of pain within her body.

With only a few minutes of airtime left, the gang decide to use fan service to appease the viewers. However, even after Delu Knight triggers several defeat flags by Malseena’s request, episodee unofficial heroes fail to defeat him with the Inordinate Cannon Bazooka and are forced to flee. Z out in order to shut him down, Delu Knight, reactivates and kills both her and Dr. However, the Akibarangers are annoyed when Hiroyo reveals that she has no enemies for them but is sure one will surface.


Since then, she has celebrated her birthday with her mother in her mind, which resulted in Masako showing up in their delusion. Meanwhile, Malseena and a Shatieek are seen walking by a park when Akagi accidentally collides with them. Malseena then retreats and Kiba Ranger leaves soon after, swearing to return and bring them down for good in their next encounter.

In an attempt to stop the fight, Akiba Red destroys Itashar Robo with its own missiles. Once the battle ends, Mitsuki says her good bye to the others and leaves for America with Yumeria also leaving to handle something important with the Sentai group officially disbanded. Demanding a final battle with Akiba Red while damaging himself to make it fair to his opponent, Delu Knight refuses accept Akiba Red’s request to wait six months for their duel.

Hiroyo tells the trio that with their delusion entering reality, they have now become real superheroes. However, as the Akibarangers find General Tsuu’s comatose body, Hiroyo finds herself with a scorpion mark on her neck as the mysterious patient is about to leave the hospital. After struggling for a few years, Takehiro landed his big break when Studio Bell Village approved his character designs for their project.

Yumeria is grateful to her comrades that she was able to tell her mother everything she wanted to say to her. The Akibarangers engage Shimokitazawa in a small theater stage, where he and Malseena defeat them using invisible barriers, hidden mines and shadow tactics. Yoyogi drops a giant fireball for the killing blow while releasing the three MMZ units. hioonin

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Episode 3

Luckily, despite the beating they take from senrai brothers, Akagi and Yumeria reach Tyranno Ranger hikonim Dragon Ranger by mentioning some facts about their series and with Akagi restoring them with a toy replica of Zyusouken. However, though his reasons were pure, the group scheme to get Luna to join their group by any means. Akagi begins to worry, as Takuma’s departure has signaled the end of the mid-season change and he is unsure of what will happen next.

An encouraged Akagi returns to Himitsukichi and regroups with the team before Hiroyo hands them the keys to the Machine Itashar.

With the business card that Okamoto gave them, the Akibarangers arrive to General Tsuu’s lair: A furious Delu Knight then charges at them, only to be shot in the chest by Doctor Z and Malseena, the latter revealing hikoinn gun only works on bloodless monsters.