It is also advisable to carry a small amount of some local currency for incidental expenditure. Four kinds of trademarks are legally protected in Brazil: Arbitration In , Brazilian Arbitration Law was enacted for the purpose of ensuring the enforceability and effectiveness of arbitration clauses. With the strong influx of foreign investment capital in recent years, you may also encounter one of the growing number of expatriate business executives. Despite modest current levels, natural gas consumption is expected to rise from 3 per cent of total energy consumption to 10 per cent by as the country works to become self-supporting in the oil sector and to lessen its dependence on hydropower. This lobbying for access can extend to assisting Australian firms on an individual basis. Many are subtle and only apply to specific goods. In addition, innovative and new Australian technologies can be expected to be the most promising opportunity for investments, as the sector moves to modernise.

Many Australian business people feel a particular affinity with their Brazilian contacts because of their relaxed disposition and informal approach. A practical result of this democratic principle is that the court system is overburdened with judicial proceedings. Reforms already implemented have increased access to efficient telephone services by both ordinary Brazilians and Brazilian commercial interests alike. Firstly, personal contacts play a special role. Click here to sign up. This has directly influenced the environmental technologies market as industries have had to invest in pollution prevention, including solid waste management and impact minimisation.

Brazil was an obvious next step. Exporters and investors should make themselves aware of the services which agencies such as the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia, and the Department of Industry, Science and Resources. Coupled with huge unexplored tracts which offer immense possibilities for the discovery of new oil and gas fields, deregulation in this sector has created a wealth of opportunities for new market entrants.

Other opportunities exist in the fields of: Test Marketing Beverages Wine: If there is any capital gain, the Central Bank reviews the sale price for reasonableness, taking the financial condition of the company into consideration.

A representative office involves establishing a local company under Brazilian law, which further entails a range of legal and administrative responsibilities and costs. This will continue to have a major effect on Brazilian small to medium sized firms who are increasingly obliged to meet international environment standards US Foreign Commercial Service Report — Brazil: The wide electoral support enjoyed by the Plan was reflected in his election as President in Areas where the Brazilian mining industry will be investing in the near future include: Potential investors who are invited to confer with government officials should first seek advice from local partners or consultants, in order to ensure the development of a smooth relationship, as well as to make sure that they are aware of the potential range of benefits.


The second round, concluded inincluded smaller blocks intended to appeal to smaller oil companies. Coverage is generally not a major problem, as most agents have several offices, servicing companies and consumers nationwide.

An adverse finding can result in heavy costs against the exporter. These included a basic lack of geological information and the obsolescence of the concessions management and granting system.

It is a business-oriented city that operates at a frenetic pace and is a preferred destination for foreign investment. Above all be flexible, respond quickly to issues and remember, patience is a virtue in a country where wheels can turn slowly. Entrance to tertiary level study is dependent on the successful completion of Basic schooling. There are restrictions on foreign participation in activities subject to national security concerns, but these limitations will not normally affect most investors.

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Today, Quiksilver products are manufactured under licence internationally, including in Brazil. Afterall, even though one of our products is an Australian icon, in Brazil we were an unknown quantity offering products quite unlike Hills Hoist at home in Brazil. Brazilians have become enthusiastic, though discerning, consumers who have embraced price competitive, quality, imported goods.

These relationships take time to build and may even require a number of visits to Brazil before the deal can be completed.

Like oil, natural gas exploration and production have historically been carried out by Petrobras.

In Brazil, there are many additional taxes which apply to the importation of goods. Contractual relationships are generally governed by the Civil Code.

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However, distribution was carried out at the state level. However, crime is on houts rise and visitors are asked to check the latest DFAT travel advisory for Australian citizens. The passing of the amendment immediately attracted overseas interest to the sector, particularly in relation to gold exploration.

It has led to favorable comparisons with the more discernible presence of companies from North America and Europe. Such an award requires ratification by the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court prior to its enforcement by a Brazilian Court.

Some of these are value-added: Sectors represented include mining, chemicals, electronics, pulp and paper and electroplating. Despite this comprehensive framework many environmental problems remain unsolved and in many instances pollution levels remain well above internationally accepted levels.


If the correct practices are not followed, these laws can expose the exporter to the serious risk of defending against a lawsuit brought by the agent for contractual cancellation. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce provides registration through one of its agencies. On the positive side, Brazilian business people understand when visitors are late and seldom expect meetings to start punctually.

Large new oil and gas projects are in different phases of development and new ones are to follow.

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Import Licensing Is it necessary to obtain an import licence? Remittance of Profits Generally, there is no limit to the amount of profits that may be remitted, although the law specifically recognises the right of the Brazilian government to restrict the remittance of hard currency during a severe balance of payments crisis.

Such a venture would provide speed-to-market by accessing both existing distribution channels and indigenous market knowledge. The first licensing round conducted in June saw 10 foreign firms enter the market, some in alliance with Petrobras.

The Internet and the New Entrepreneur The brain-drain of the s which saw 1. However, the experience of is an important lesson for how quickly economic conditions can change.

As a generalisation, they are worldly and have an approach to business that is strongly entrepreneurial. In addition, some foreign firms have been successful in taking court action against trademark infringements.

A successful marketing operation with Petrobras also requires an on-site agent who is knowledgeable of the local culture, capable of identifying and maintaining relations with the genrral end-user department within Petrobras, and able to keep track of business opportunities.

This lobbying for access can extend to assisting Australian firms guafulhos an individual basis. This reflects a rich and colourful mining-related past, which includes a gold-rush and management by the Federal Mines Department of the area now covered by the state.

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No globally competitive company should ignore the Brazilian agriculture market which services a population guaruluos over million and exports globally in several important commodities. The type of representation, exclusivity, geographic and product restrictions, and duration are just some of the issues that need to be resolved.

The number of blocks is a record when compared to the two rounds already conducted ie 27 and 23 respectively.