His performance was splendid. Not whose novels have been made into dramas. Muhabbat Tu Jnae Na Director: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I shudder to think what would have happened had Chacha disgusting married Khala disgusting! HUM TV 2 years ago. The scene was extremely moving, the dialogues were perfect and so was the acting. He also rediscovered the soft corner he had for Shahnaz and kept on remembering the good old days he spent with her before he went insane and married Kulsoom.

Marvellous plot, superb direction and outstanding performances. It was heart breaking to see her remembering all those times when she had gone to her father for help and he had refused to do so. Farhat Ishteaq has proved to be a great novelist, but episodes 6 and 7 prove that this should have been written by a strong writer who has already written for television. By passing over the deeds of the shop to Noor Jahan, he got in a mess that he would never have seen coming. Therefore, he threw constant tantrums, denying that he was paralysed and claiming that he could still earn and behave like he did earlier, mostly when his mother and his wives were discussing finances or talking about buying medicines for him. While Akmal is tutoring Kulsoom Vasim comes home seems drunk actually and starts being abusive to everyone including Akmal.

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Another memorable performance has been added to his portfolio. Vasim starts strangling Akmal and even ends up hitting his mother and Shehnaz.

Rehaai Episode 14 HUM TV Drama – video dailymotion

As for Danish Taimoor, you can see his acting abilities maturing with every scene. Waseem did and he came out of the darkness he lived in all his life. He has started a business with his friend and is now flourishing. The both of them are still awkward around each other though, which is understandable. As for Kulsoom, the only solution she can come up with is hiding herself from the world. Vasim is wasting all of his money on NJ and Khala disgusting, while his own family 2 wives, 3 daughters, and a mother are left with little or nothing.


Even Vasim knows how much his mother hates him, so why did he think she would listen to him? Soon after the marriage, Noor Jahan found another lover, this time her cousin.

I was hoping that Waseem would confront Akmal in this episode as well, so I was disappointed on that count. Since he fired Akmal, there was no one to look after his shop and as a result he got into a severe financial crisis.

Nothing was too rushed or too dragged. Zaroon Kashaf jee loon Zindagi Gulzar Hai fawadaholic pankhi 4 years ago.

Normally, action scenes in our drama serials are directed very poorly; even the best directors fail to make them look convincing but Mehreen Jabbar, of course, is a pro and one can only expect the best from her. Though she told him that she trusts him and she wished she could do something for the two, she was helpless. This by the way was one of the 2 saving graces of this episode. For the first time in years, a serial based on a serious social issue has been made and has effectively spread awareness.


Still he has more heart than Waseem in my opinion.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai 4 years ago. The last episode showed how a positive approach and struggle can lead to success.

Zindagi gulzar hai hum tv episode 13

Maria Wasti was only there for 2 scenes I believe. Obviously, she was enraged and refused to sympathise with Shamim.

Even after all that happened in the past, it was Akmal who came to help. The scene was extremely moving, the dialogues were perfect and so 31 the acting.

Things have started to look up for the family. He comes home every few weeks and wants his kids hidden away. Tells him about the non-existent affair between Kulsoom and Akmal and Chacha disgusting believes him.

This is one of the scene of drama serial Sher-e-Zaat. Noman Ejaz was, as usual, good. What else can we expect from someone who sells his 11 year old daughter? Khala disgusting is knowingly and willingly letting her grown, divorced daughter with a son have an illegitimate relationship and that too in her own houseā€¦and all fo this for money and expensive things.

At once, she extended a helping hand and convinced her to work for Kashf Foundation.