Once you are done watching the film you will feel like you want to know more about him. A good chunk of contemporary cinema favors excessive exposition, style over substance and convenience, all which leads to a passive audience. Share with us a pivotal cinema related experience or moment from your childhood or young adulthood I started making dumb movies when I was 10 years old, but a huge turning point happened when I learned to use editing software in high school. Which is, after all, what it takes to make great art that makes a strong statement. Agoraphobic Alvin prefers stuffed pandas and online shopping to the aggressive rantings of his neighbor Virginia, until the sludge seeping from his ceiling forces him to search for answers in this offbeat comedy with a tender heart. Your essential Park City survival kit:

The Million Dollar Duck Director: Your essential Park City survival kit: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli, Igort Italy US Premiere Set on board a luxury yacht in sparkling international waters, this tense and stylish drama captures the four final days a mother is granted with her 6-year-old son to say goodbye after losing a custody battle. Driftwood was made as a reaction to the state of contemporary cinema. It made me feel as if I did something wrong. Our film had humble beginnings, first as a senior thesis short at college, and then gradually over the years become more legitimate. I was primarily interested in tackling the theme of identity, and exploring the potential of caricaturesque humor coupled with static, understated compositions to both balance and emphasize the scenes’ darker aspects.

January 20 Driftwood eschews many of these aforementioned techniques and instead is constructed using only what is essential.

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Slamdance 2016 Preview: Meet The Filmmakers, Part 2

Finney, Claire Coffee, Jeanne Syquia. A few years later, when I finally managed to study art, I entered into an art contest. It was so exciting to see how much power editing has in shaping slzmdance way people view and experience a film.


What he does is so close to storytelling that this experience personally went way beyond just making a film about him. Dead Hands Dig Deep Director: From that moment on I grabbed hunkj foreign cinema I could and spent many nights traveling the world through my television screen.

Slamdance Preview: Meet The Filmmakers, Part 2

Making a documentary is a very challenging job. What does modeling mean anyway? Our film had humble beginnings, first as a senior thesis short at mogie, and then gradually over the years become more legitimate.

The camera moves only when necessary and the characters never speak as the film slowly unfurls, urging its audience to engage with it and ask questions. As a kid I was also really into listening to the soundtrack by Vangelis.

When I was in elementary school my parents bought it on Laserdisc, and I’ve watched it at least a hundred times since. Subscribe to Screen Anarchy.

The theme of the competition was strongly related to a social issue.

HUNKY DORY at Slamdance | Indiegogo

The last three years of my life have been an amazing challenge and an opportunity to grow as a filmmaker. The first two acts of the film are exactly what I expected, but the third act culminates with one of the most unpredictable endings I had ever seen. Neil Rough, Michael Fuller Canada World Premiere Myrtle Beach is a disturbingly intimate peek into the lives of the deviants, outcasts and forget-me-nows that inhabit this deformed stepsister of Coney Island. A warm jacket, a warm pair of shoes, a warm hat, a warm pair of gloves… Ok, being serious… My essential kit is the team behind Art of the Prank coming with me.

Irene is repeatedly attacked by grotesque fashion stereotypes we usually slqmdance for granted, and as we continue to accompany her, these comedic outbursts gradually take on a more ominous quality within their calm frames.

Hunky Dory

I talk to a lot of filmmakers who all tell me how at a young age they were watching Bergman or Tarkovsky or Fassbinder films. More than intentions, I cared about questions. He quickly chased me back to bed and grounded me for a week, doy that clandestine attempt was completely worth it.


A good chunk of contemporary cinema favors excessive exposition, style over substance and convenience, all which leads to a passive audience.

He is the yin to my yang. We are very excited and eternally grateful to world premiere at Slamdance. I’m not really sure why that happened, probably because of my brother’s passion for films, or because it was so exciting to put all these elements together to create an elaborate piece of art not sure if it was really art at the time.

Nathan Williams, Matthew Williams USA World Premiere In a desolate landscape, an ambitious young journalist in a dusty car meets covertly with a national security whistleblower, and their roving exchange becomes increasingly cloaked in paranoia, tension and escalating threat. Monika Pirch Germany North American Premiere After inheriting a plot of farming land near Dusseldorf, Monika explores the potential of her field through administrative, historic and poetic methods and manages to reconnect with the land and her ancestry in a beautiful and unexpected way.

Slamdance is the ideal festival for Fursonas. Later, as a freshman in college I was shown a Godard film and noticed how in moie particular scene, instead of panning in the same direction of a character walking, he panned in the complete opposite direction, purposely disregarding such a basic element of filmmaking. Slamdance is one of the only festivals in North America that ,ovie true independent filmmaking and appreciates cinema in all of its glory.