Why does Khushi faint? She snatches the papers from Arnav and threatens to jump into the pool with them. Khushi is curious to know how Arnav has her anklet. Lavanya scolds Khushi for not taking her work seriously. She is rescued in time by Shyam. Later at home, Arnav is surprised to see Akash in a sad mood. Does Nand Kishore get caught? Will he be able to find her?

She asks Shyam to help her get a job. All of them are shocked about Shyam living in the house. Later, Arnav and Khushi fall on the rangoli. What will Khushi do? In order to hide from Madhumati, he hides under the table. Bua and Khushi are seen pushing a box somewhere with costumes for their dances.

Akash promises to be faithful to Payal after talking to Kushi about her.

Manorama unwillingly welcomes Payal into the house. Later, they apologise to each other and the family. Payal gets emotional on seeing the memorable things packed by Khushi.

Later, Shashi shares his apprehensions about Shyam with Garima. Anjali and Nani decide not to forgive Arnav for humiliating their family. Arnav sees Khushi in the house and insults her for returning to the Raizada house. Later, he scolds Khushi for disturbing him and tells her about his changed feelings for Lavanya. Will Arnav express his emotions? Khushi learns about Anjali’s mother’s birthday.

Anjali is angry with Shyam for being late for the pooja. Meanwhile, Arnav finds Manorama spying on them and pretends to romance with Khushi. Starplyaer assures Khushi about her father. Madhumati curses Shyam for playing with her emotions. Payal’s wedding preparations are under way. Payal and Buaji are stunned to see Arnav getting an unconscious Khushi home.


Arnav forcefully brings Khushi home and warns her not to step out of the house without informing him. What is Shyam going to do about his feelings?

Khushi, a dutiful wife

Arnav attacks them, but accidentally hurts Khushi. Khushi is still seething from being humiliated by Arnav. He tells them that he is willing to marry Khushi, but will never leave Anjali as he wants to be with both of them. Payal and Khushi worry when they fail to get orders, but are delighted when they get to deliver sweets to a high profile party.

He faints by the time she starts cooking for him. To defeat Madhumati in the dance competition, Manorama mixes liquor in the juice. The choreographer Madhubala once again asks Arnav and Khushi to dance together, but they refuse. However, Arnav intervenes and stops her from telling the truth.

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Later, Shyam tries to steal Arnav’s locker key. Khushi without informing Madhumita meets Shyam and by coincidence Madhumita reaches the same market. Shyam torments Shashi as he starplayrr that he can’t react.

Khushi tells Madhumati about meeting Arnav at the temple. An angry Arnav follows her and breaks her mobile phone when she refuses to acknowledge his presence.

Later, Nani, Anjali and Lavanya give farewell gifts to Khushi.

Arnav asks Khushi to leave on seeing her in the kitchen. She then asks the elders from the both the families to dance, too. Arnav learns about Khushi’s broken engagement with Shyam. The wedding preparations confuse him. Meanwhile, Khushi consoles Anjali. Manorama epiode to poison Nani and Anjali against Khushi, but they support her and ask her serve the sweets to the guests.


Arnav and Nani argue about Lavanya. Later, after a conversation with Anjali, he realises how easy it is to apologise.

Later, Arnav notices Shyam buying red roses and confronts him. He, however, stops Ikpknd from fixing the marriage date. Why does she want to meet him? Lavanya on the other hand tells Arnav about Khushi’s decision.

Arnav faints

Arnav is furious to see Khushi in the parking lot and they end up arguing with each other. Nani asks Arnav to drop Khushi home. He, too, is thinking about Khushi a lot.

However, Shyam consoles him and asks him to consider Nani’s decision. Later, Khushi refuses the prize money. Arnav struggles to adjust with the old air conditioner eoisode down, and Madhumati’s starplaer interupting his work. Meanwhile, Arnav is furious with himself for continually thinking about Khushi and decides to forget her. Shyam attempts to get Kushi drunk in order to know the starpoayer of her sudden marriage.

Payal tries to befriend Bubbly, but Manorama intervenes. Meanwhile, an angry Khushi spills hot tea on Arnav. She asks Arnav for a small loan to pay for the purchases.