However, light that was produced by the lantern would give influence to light setting in the scene. Paling dikenali melalui karyanya dengan pelakon Nicolas Cage dalam banyak filem. This phase is in accordance with the main purpose of research i. Solah is a movement of wayang s character that presenting situation and specific action Soetarno, Aktris , VJ , model. Arnaz, Farouk 11 January Therefore, from these findings, it can be stated that this research placed the local lighting in equal position or even position transcended the modern lighting. Finally, special thanks are owed to our institution, Program Studi Doktor Institut Teknologi Bandung, for support and contribution through the research s completion.

Siregar, Lisa 2 November This visualisation approach is almost similar with solah concept in sabet aesthetic of Javanese wayang shadow puppet. This phase will refer to Charles S. Regarding the chiaroscuro lighting, the scene shows external lighting explicitly from camera and other sources , which illuminates Anissa s figure that was covered in white veil. In Javanese perspective, light is not only about light and dark in physical aspect, but also as a whole entity that touches sociocultural-philosophical aspect. Rianti kemudian melangkahkan diri ke dunia akting. Chiaroscuro in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban film holds a significant role from many aspects such as realism, pictorial composition, and also storytelling aspect that have important message and value of life.

At this point, it can be said that Anissa had tried to present new rationality, new pathway to brightness and left the darkness of old rationality, a conservative that would bring female moslems into self-destruction and unhappiness.

The utilisation of dark aspect can be seen quite a lot in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban berkaluung.

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Isac Book Short, T. In this case, chiaroscuro is not only based on modern technological aspects, but also considered as a mixture of local culture and traditional aspects.

Eling miring sesame is a caring behaviour in human s life, and as a consciousness that we are social creatures that will not be able to live alone Bayuadhy, Penggemar band All American Reject dan Green Day itu mengatakan, sempat kesulitan memerankan tokoh Asti yang tomboy dalam film tersebut karena tokoh itu berbeda dengan karakter aslinya yang feminim. Sejak itu, beliau telah mengarahkan beberapa lagi filem dengan tema agama, serta dua yang berkaitan dengan sukan.


Chiaroscuro in Perempuan Berkalung Sorban film holds a significant role from many aspects such as realism, pictorial composition, and also storytelling aspect that have important message and value of life. His passion and approach toward art and culture, made him an invaluable resource for historical, philosophycal, and Javanese artistic knowledge and contributions throughout our research. Laman ini diubah buat kali terakhir pada Ia menganggap pihak sutradara begitu apik mengemas film wanits menjadi lebih ringan penyajiannya namun tidak melepas inti dari isi cerita.

Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. Dalam perannya itu, Anissa dipertemukan lagi dengan Khudori dan keduanya masih sama-sama mencintai. It was obviously an object of film s properties. Although, the light only to emphasise the usi of God or other wqnita objects. Soetarno, Sunardi, and Sudarsono.

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We would also like to give special thanks to Ekotjipto S. Sabet is a wayang s movement that presenting specific scene and character. In this framework, chiaroscuro can be interpreted as cinematic metaphor that is not only focus on artistic value of film, but also support the depth of Javanese cultural time and space. Setiawan Hanung Bramantyo lahir 1 Oktoberlebih dikenali sebagai Hanung Bramantyomerupakan seorang pengarah filem Indonesia terkenal dengan filem-filem beliau yang terdiri daripada hubungan cinta remaja ke drama agama.

Solah is a movement of wayang s character that presenting situation and specific action Soetarno, In this context, film is suitable with the history of its emergence as the latest and most modern work of art.

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Cinta Lama Bersemi Kembali. Sinopsis Film Perempuan Berkalung Sorban: Meanwhile, in order to study the relative meaning of This local chiaroscuro has a power to present remarkable reality that can focus viewers attention entirely, even for the insignificant matter, the splendor of the insignificant, as what Sugiharto had stated in his work Whereas the external source of light clearly came from Hanung s light setting that was also supported by the effect of camera s lighting.


Hence, this manner has become their endeavour to construct thematical and technical aspects of film. Through this research, chiaroscuro in modern perspective is a matter of light and dark, which then defines contextually as a lighting substance. Relating with chiaroscuro light setting, the scene showed two sources of lighting i.

Diposting oleh Azamroni Label: As what John Alton had stated, darkness always has its own mystery Alton, The communication was delivered without any verbal conversation or dialog.

This story focuses on the life of Anissa, a female protagonist who has strong character, brave, and smart. Firstly, urip iku life is urup givingwhich means, the worthiness of human life is on his or her way of giving, not asking.

From further observation, we can see that the light that illuminated the entrance was not coming from the lantern but from other source spot light from above since it was impossible for the lantern to produce that quality of light.

Lighting is an entity of life, which forms harmony of individual identity in universe. Perempuan Berkalung Sorban film is also one of the controversial films that even caused Komisi Fatwa Majelis Ulama Indonesia Indonesian Panel of Islamic Scholars protested and forbid this film to be distributed since they felt that this film discredited Islam, especially in madrasas.

The most interesting part of this scene is the fact that the hanging lantern was positioned in the entrance gate. The main location of story gave opportunities to explore local insights of Javanese culture. Hanung Bramantyo, the filmmaker who also has a Javanese background, could present these aspects intellectually.

His advice from years of experience in cinematography and lighting research brought a significant amount of insight to our research.