The root is split in two with the other half going to Jayce. The constant dream repetition was annoying. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Audric, a brillant scientist, accidentially creates a race of mutant plants, known as the Monster Minds, after trying to create a plant that would end all starvation. They travel via large green organic vines which can grow in and across interstellar space, that sprout seeds that rapidly grow into further Monster Minds, and are led by Saw Boss. Retrieved 12 October

Though I’ll admit there are times when some battles seem a little redundant due to lack of variety in vehicles for the monster minds side and well as format in situations. In this thread I’ll be sharing observations as we watch Season 5 condensed. Jayce and his friends form the Lightning League who travel the galaxy battling the Monster Minds and searching for Audric to unite the magic root and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. When he talks to the vehicles, they respond with a single phrase, “Command Acknowledged”. The one thing i found funny was when saw boss at the at end of every episode after being beaten as usual said something like “I’ll get you next time Jayce”.

New Horizons “Ultima Thule” flyby. But to me I really like warrioors supporting characters whom to me stand out the most. Edit Details Release Date: Jayce still held half of the magic root, and only by reuniting it with his father’s half warrjors peace be restored. I like the worlds it was able to create, how the human characters are animated, but most importantly I really love the designs of the vehicles, the monster mind vehicles are both organic and inorganic at the same time; their menacing and strange.

I have come to the news that DIC is currently planning an entertainment network of their own. The show had an ongoing plot which was left unresolved, with no series finale. In hayce distant galaxy, Jayce’s father Audric had created a plant to solve the hunger problem. SnoopyStyle 18 May Cracker of a cartoon my name is Jason and l thought l was the lighting league really good.


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I still have a hard time deciding which is best Jayce or Galaxy Rangers, but for sake of this commentary Jayce. Saw Boss sees his greatest nightmare — Jayce’s victory — and flees Dream World never to return.

Audric, a brillant scientist, accidentially creates wartiors race of mutant plants, known as the Monster Minds, after trying to create a plant that would end all move. Flora is a sweet but mysterious character, she’s a kid but she’s not an annoying stereotypical kid; because her character is actually useful from her ability to communicate with plants kinda like Kira from “The Dark Crystal”let alone able to drive the vehicle and kick butt how the heck she can legally drive at her age is anyone’s guess.

The story was excellent, but what strikes me the most is the weird atmosphere, a mix between space opera and magic.

Hey, Jean Chalopin, give us Jayce back, give us more magic!! Although a movie was intended to close out the plotlines, it never came to be.

Adn 12 October I would love to see the entire show again. A mini comic was included with the toys, but no overarching story line was established beyond premise of the Monster Minds versus the Lightning League.

Straczynski wrote about a quarter of the episodes attempting, in his words, to “hijack a dopey concept and make it into something more”. I am a true product of the 80’s and all the best cartoons are from that era. Sense8 Wheleed the Sense8 television series.

But everything was a dream and the root is safe.


Gallifrey One Babylon 5 Panels. Mattel did produce 65 episodes although it only ran for one season. Search for ” Dream World ” on Amazon.


This cartoon is constantly contradicting itself and whreled the good guys to win no matter how many times they screwed up. He’s brash, reluctant sometimes but for good reason, and borderline selfish and selfless. The voice acting wariors very good, The artwork is so awesome, The characters are all great and the storytelling is so well done. I was playing on an website and it had this show on there. Jayce was a precursor to those.

The heroes are humans called the Lightning League who drive white and silver vehicles with assorted weaponry led by a teenager named Jayce. Audible Download Audio Books. On July 22,Mill Creek Entertainment announced whdeled they had acquired the rights to the series and planned to release it in its entirety. That’s B5Scrolls back up by alpha I do recall Oon although it’s the ill-fitting nature that makes him memorable.

B5Books – Future Multimedia Editions? But when he succeeded, a nearby star exploded into a supernova. But this is another small minor flaw I can easily get past. One minute they are making it sound like the group is being taught about the Monster Minds for the first time.

The central character, Jayce short for Jasontraveled the mmovie searching for his father, Audric. The shows they need to bring back!

Its a shame this show is not being rerun on Cartoon Network or even in worldwide syndication like it was in the 80’s, many children today could benefit from its tight and mature storytelling, its intriguing characters and beautiful animation.