I’ve missed the Riders so much. But that doesn’t necessarily mean these Tokusatsu shows are “bad”, some Tokusatsu shows can be very good based on typical Tokusatsu standards, but would still have inferior quality compared to most regular shows or series. The most popular types of tokusatsu include kaiju monster movies like the Godzilla and Gamera film series; superhero TV serials such as the Kamen Rider and Metal Hero series; and mecha dramas like Giant Robo. Full Blast Action [watch movie] Magiranger vs. SanoBaron , Mar 8, Doctor X Episode 2. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger [watch series] last updated: Live Action Movie Movie.

I love these campy and over the top transsexual characters in japanese media, like Bon Curry or Emporio Ivankov from One Piece for example. The Heart Pounding Circus Panic! Horse Doctor Episode 9. Fourze is a great light-hearted show, W is W, Agito just always had designs I’ve loved but never knew why, and I just love ultra-violence and Amazon delivers that in spades. MistuhDari , Mar 10, D its nice to know my username is associated with two things I like now instead of the one. Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 9.

My favourite Tokusatsu shows are underlined. Horse Doctor Episode For example, if both a Tokusatsu show and a regular show have 4 stars, it does NOT mean that both these shows are on the same level or that they are both equally good, my personal expectations and standards for Tokusatsu shows in general are much lower compared to regular shows, so even if a Tokusatsu series gets high ratings it would still be considered inferior to a regular show with the same rating.


Night Market Hero Movie. Full House 2 Episode 7. Showa on the other hand is really hard to find, but generally all of Showa is good, but please take in mind to dramacrzay judge the special effects by today’s standards.

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 25

MistuhDariFeb 17, Drama Posted on Wednesday, October 31st. Drama Posted on Monday, October 29th.

Drama Posted on Thursday, November 1st. I might join in on seeing Gaim as it’s always good to see a series while the episodes are still ongoing. Arikoto Iemitsu Hen Episode 3.

Same vein as Power Rangers or similar?

I know i was crazy but I somehow did it. I need to lie down MistuhDariMar 10, Users Viewing Thread Users: I like Kamen Rider. Full House 2 Episode 8. Latest Asian Drama Releases. Protect the Tokyo Enetower! And I found a you tube channel with that has 40 episodes of what i think is the first Kamen rider.

And since I watch the lines anyways to see when something interesting pops up, I see lots of Kamen Rider characters too. Vampire Prosecutor 2 Episode 8.

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Again thanks for the response, Sano. Dekaranger [watch movie] Shinkenger movie: Tokusatsu is one of the most popular forms of Japanese entertainment. Even better when they are totally badass behind their strange looks too. Autumn Tale Episode 4.


Kamen Rider +maybe weekly Drive updates

The Lion Roars 2 Movie. Full Blast Action [watch movie] Magiranger vs. Three Kingdoms Episode Going My Home Episode 3. Autumn Tale Episode 2. Tokyo Airport Episode 3.

All the other Kamen riders sound like they would be good but should I watch the first kamen rider or just go with some of the suggestions you offered first? That’s the gist of information I got. I’d dramactazy watch subs.

The original Kamen Rider series is the longest running one, with almost episodes. Also some of the Tokusatsu shows I give high ratings stars for, but please note that these ratings are based on typical Tokusatsu standards, and are NOT the same epiosde the standard for regular shows or series.