Maybe this would appeal to some people but this book does not appeal to me. Ironside rated it liked it Shelves: There are books that are meant to inspire you and to open your mind to new ideas. Retrieved from ” https: Sep 15, Debbie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He soon got nice and dry by wiping himself on my T-shirt.

You tell her to shut up, stop annoying you, and be grateful that she’s worthy of listening to your fabbity fab life adventures. Upon her return, she cheats on her new boyfriend by snogging the guy she used as bait to make the first boyfriend jealous, and debates her decision to date a hot but unavailable older guy versus a funny available boy who obviously likes her IN SPITE of the fact she blatantly used him in the last book. He was fastened to the kitchen table leg, but that didn’t stop him. Definitely a good read for this busy month as it is a quick and easy read! I just realised that in the book Tom is younger than Robbie whereas in the movie they’re twins. I love the fact that the author didn’t try to polish up the inner life of a teen-age girl. Funny and dramtic insight to the life of a teenage girl: Also in the movie I love Georgia and Jas’s friendship whereas in the books I feel so sorry for Jas

I was trying to concentrate on looking at the Sex God. Holding hands” to ” He’s so cute and funny and I’d kill to have a guy like that give me the time of day, or night, or even the afternoon. Paperbackpages.


Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants – Wikipedia

Obviously, you’ve learned from last time. I love these books.

She’s got a cat who is half Scottish wildcat and a little sister who is only partially potty-trained. Nungxs don’t want to go, since you Buddy read with the Jealous and the Knicker. This instalment is just as hilarious as the previous books, if not, more! I know he is a genius ;lot so on, but he does rave on. Ear snogging or nip libbling I can relate to the egg baby project.

She’s a funny character, but she’s also a bit of a prick to her friend Jas. Am I a mirage? Georgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God aka Robbieand things are oout. It’s the bloody moon, for God’s sake, Will, get a grip!! We must remember, however, that he is not English.

Books by Louise Rennison. No one bought my story that my doll was taking an afternoon snooze. The book, like all the mnocked in the series, I presume, follows either the journal or the internal monologue not quite sure which of English teen Georgia Nicholson. This series is so entertaining and light hearted. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Oh, that clown mg Well, that was not possible, since the publisher has decided to make only the third book this one and subsequent books available electronicall While caring for a very sick relative and dealing with all the stress that goes along with such a taskI wanted something fun and silly and light-hearted to read to leaven the seriousness of my ongoing work. For example I have laughed out loud for way too long with the expressions “my eyebrows have grown to the floor by the time you got our the phone!


Apparently they are in the middle of some bog because he had bits of horrible slimy stuff in his whiskers.

Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas

You have a sudden tummy lurch re-flare you know, the llot you had to cover up your suspension for big uggy and sadly, cannot go to Och Aye land. But as I fully expect to be snogged to within an inch of my life, what about snogproof makeup?

You just called your Sex God of a boyfriend from a phone box in good ol’ Och Aye land.

The work was preordered by roughly 80, readers and hit number one on the New York Times bestseller listin the children’s Books list in March Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Once my mind is made up, that is it. The second book was decidedly less so, and by this third installment, I am personally quite sick of listening to materialistic, shallow and self-centered Brit Georgia Nicholson whine about her parents, friends, and school.

It is the 4th nungzs in the Georgia Nicolson series.

Is Georgia about to become a ouy vixen Georgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God aka Robbieand things are wonderful.