Thanks as always for the screenies! Murata apologizes then pushes Yuri towards Soushu, allowing him to be captured since the world ” does not need two suns “. However, the meeting is shortened when Yuri decides to play a game of “Shinoued Away” with them. However, The Great Demon Kingdom and the allied towns are not stupid. Due to Anissina’s latest invention, Yuri and Shori ended up switching bodies! Yuri’s followers suspect that Alford is behind a series of bandit attacks where the holy sword had been spotted. Yuri and Julia must watch as Conrad and the Luttenburg Division set out towards a suicidal battle in order to prove their loyalty to the kingdom. Greta convinces Yuri and Wolfram to buy her one, but the merchants give her one piece of advice:

During the trip, they encounter a Sand Bear and Wolfram along with the rest of the soldiers except for Conrad and Gwendal fall into its sand trap. Without the stone Morgif will not absorb souls. When Yuri comes back, he realizes that Conrad is still in Big Shimaron and Wolfram has gone to fetch him back. While Yuuri is on Earth, Stoffel is in the other world hatching a plan. Choose a video to embed. Yuri quickly makes friends with one, just in time for some trespassing humans to attack looking to kill and sell a dragon. We learn that Conrad’s arm may be the key to releasing the power of the box. Stoffel and Raven attempt to appease Yuri by arraigning a celebration for him.

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Greta spotted a man in town that she wanted to see again. I know a lot of people find it cute, but I think the bowl-fringe makes him look strange.

As Jeneus is about to escape with Shori through a ship, Yuri and co. When the volcano decides to erupt will everyone be able to leave the island safely?

Wolfram tells Yuri that he wanted to see Yuri’s future where he sees himself competing with many maidens while Yuri hands out flowers and Yuri sees Wolfram with another man. A dark figure appears and takes Conrad’s left arm movement, Gwendal’s left eye’s sight and Wolfram’s heartbeat as the keys to open the boxes. Conrad decides to let Rosetta use the Demon Stone for business.


Conrad tells him to throw holy water on a painting and that it will send him home. Gisela, Yuri and Conrad send Adelbert off as the night ends with a banquet. Yuri drags Wolfram and the remaining soldiers to conduct his own investigation of the missing dragon gem.

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While trying to obtain the swords, Yuri and co. Demon King part 2 ” Transcription: Jeneus, a member of the White Crows, offers to help Yuri escape as he does not want a war between Big Shimaron and The Demon Kingdom but was turned down by Yuri who believed that Conrad would come to save him.

Both Greta and Nicola do their best to try to help Hube. There he is met by his advisers, and the temple Maiden, Ulrike. On Earth, they reappear in Switzerland. Afterwards, Wolfram seems to be acting strangely. Can anyone direct me somewhere when I can watch this? Yuri immediately decides to plan a wedding for them.

A possessed Wolfram offers to give Shori magical power to protect Yuri but before Shori can answer, an unexpected visitor arrives interrupting the conversation.

Episode 85 screencaps – The night of the banquet – – Kyou Kara Maou chat session project

Yuri is shocked to find himself all grown up after falling asleep and finds himself experiencing a normal life.

It absorbs the power from three boxes, revealing the translucent form of The Original King!

Ore ga MAou Da ” Japanese: Yuri is allowed to choose how they fight the duel and so he decides they should fight through a sumo match. Yuri reappears in front of the castle with Jeneus’ soul in his hands and passes it over to Murata. With Morgif now in his possession, Yuri finds out that the sword needs to absorb souls for energy. Yuri decides to continue his interests in baseball by starting his own baseball team.


Then later meets Murata at the park. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Later at night Conrad, Wolfram, and Yuri set off to find concrete evidence against Stoffel.

Yuri and Wolfram find out and follow them in Celi’s ship. It turns out that the White Crow had been in pursuit of Al for quite a while to obtain the sword that Englihs had with him. When he kidnaps Yuri and tries to escape he runs into one of Yuri’s devoted subjects and is forced to abandon his plan. Thank you for the caps!

Rwith each episode released separately directly to DVD. Okay, I think I got my lulz out of the way. The best place to watch kyo kara maoh season 1, 2, and 3 is Youtube and Crunchyroll. When Conrad escapes from his cell Yuri and the others must chase him down and hopefully find out his reasons for his betrayal.

XD Adalbert carrying Wolfram away. Yuuri married Wolfram von Bielenfeld when he eposode 22, after an extraordinary series of wedding false starts spanning 7 years. During reconstruction, a single pink Bear Bee cocoon is found. Will Yuri be able to handle Morgif’s new powers and why does Murata sense that they are running out of time?

Murata goes in after them, not wanting to be left alone. Yuri and Murata return to The Demon Kingdom.