Iravati Ravi river falls in Madra or Bahlika territory and hence a Naga wife of Balarama by the name Erawati can also be considered as a Bahlika princess. Appreciate your effort in bringing this version of Mahabharata to limelight. That is the origin of the name Baladewa. A heavy battle then takes place between the two women’s armies where even Garudas are used as vehicles for air-fights. Krishna kills him, when amidst a Naraka-Ghatothkacha duel, Narakasura insults Krishna. From Mahabharata there are several. Brajamusti is very loyal and caring to Gatotkaca.

They are not just shadows as in the Indian version, but are full-blooded. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. In the Indian version this happens at the end of the war after Kunti reveals Karnas’ identity to the Pandavas. He kills his own father-in-law. Krishna His name as a boy is Raden Narayana. He is the king of Dwarawati, the wisest man in the world. His nose is broken, so he has a twisted nose forever.

When Yudhishthira decides to perform one, Jarasandha too contemplates the same. Several days before the deadline, he feels that he is watched by a young lady. Being a dutiful wife, she voluntarily blindfolded herself which meant she had to live every second of her life in absolute terror because of the darkness due to blindfold. Only with their help, King Salya – the chief-warrior of Hastinapura could be quickly eliminated. Developed and Programmed by ekant solutions.


Death described by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

That Duryodhana flees from battle has a parallel in Nepal’s Dangaura Tharu folk version of Mahabharata. Shalya as the father in law of Duryodhana and Karna! Instead of helping Gandamana, Sengkuni buries him alive in the hole, Then Sengkuni reports hastily to king Pandu that Gandamana is killed by an army of giants. Siti Sundari is their daughter.

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In this light we may understand the significance of Karna-Shalya dialogue in the Indian version in which Karna makes harsh derogatory remarks against the Madrakas. Use dmy dates from January Use Indian English from January All Wikipedia articles written mahabharzta Indian English Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Sanskrit-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from January In present Indonesia, temples dedicated to the Pandavas can be found in Dieng.

Nidhirambles on Indian Epics: Bhima shoots and hits the rau bird. Senggkuni, to Bagawan Pongkatiksna’s holy dwelling. In a very quick move, Kalabendana’s spirit guides the arrow Kunto to return deayh its casing, which is inside Ghatothkacha.

Brajadenta and Brajamusti are his chief-warriors. Gatotkaca becomes the new king of Pringgadani with full support of all his giant-uncles.

Shakuni’s only saving grace is his extreme love towards his sister Gandhari. Again, the Tamil Vyasa Bharatam has similar things to say.


Arjuna asks Banowati if she really loves him, she has to marry Duryudana. To perfectly master the aji-aji, Gatotkaca has to meditate alone in a cave for 40 consecutive days with full abstinence from sex. The Indonesian version of Shalya seems to be very strange. Even Pandu is alive at the time of the marriage.

Near the Shakuni Temple is a temple dedicated to Duryodhana. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Shikhandi’s ‘amazonian’ qualities have a parallel in the Tamil myth of Queen Alli.

Karna Versus Arjun

Krishna learns the secret to kill him from Pratiwi, and cuts him with his Chakra. He was critically acclaimed for his portrayal of King Drupada in Star plus’ Mahabharat. Comments on this Article. Raj Babbar – Wikipedia. A far-sighted man, his plan was much bigger than causing plight to the Pandavas; he wanted a full-scaled civil war between the kingdoms of India, which will destroy the country for generations, fulfilling his revenge.

Awarapan average to worse 1. Check all videos related to Mahabharata episode 17 mnctv. Pregiwa silently responds to his love.

Duryudana is mad in love with Banowati.