Just put the disc in my PS3 and played it This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. But you can change this by selecting or deselecting the individual tracks as shown below. It could be DVD spec doesn’t support forced subtitle at all. I like to check it out by opening it in a standalone media player like VLC, just to make sure that it works and that there are no problems with video or audio stuttering. But with BD discs, forced subtitle shows up right underneath the regular subtitle track. I wish this could be automated, but I don’t think it can be yet.

The one thing to watch for is that some most? MakeMKV does a pretty good job telling you which tracks are forced subs, the Blu-ray standard is more strict here than DVD’s are where the forced subs can be anywhere. Do these bits where someone is speaking another language form part of the subtitle track? Throw in multiple languages for subtitles, and the sheer number of possibilities could get out of hand pretty quickly. The other way is to have the forced subs as a separate subtitles file that can be loaded in for multi-region markets were the forced subs language would be different. Sep 1, at 6: Then, use either mkvtoolnix’s mkvmerge if you do not want to make the file smaller or handbrake if you want more efficient storage to put the tracks in the order you want, so your player s do not do things to irritate you.

It’s a bit silly to have to wait for foreign dialogue, turn on subtitles, then turn them back off when it’s no longer foreign dialogue. Start with d00zah’s suggestion – get ALL the tracks.


How to include subtitles in rip but NOT have default to on? –

Blu-ray discs increase that by a factor of 10 to almost 50GB of data. But let me ask you this: MKV playback, recompression, remuxing, codec packs, players, howtos, etc. Any other settings are irrelevant, we just want to use handbrake for extracting these forced subs, which it does well. Oct 27, Messages: I just can’t seem to get it to stay available when compressing it with Handbrake. There is a thread here about force subtitles.

How the hell I are you supposed to understand what they’re saying! Looking at your pic, it doesn’t look like there’s a forced sub track if the English track is full subs, or it’s mislabeled as one of the French tracks.

Your nickname or email address: I’m selecting the PGS subtitles from the subtitle tab, but’s it’s not giving me maemkv subtitles in the video output.

My sample size isn’t necessarily that large, but I’ve managed subtitles on every DVD I’ve ripped either undefaulting the default or defaulting the forced and have never seen this issue. Originally Posted by SteelWill. Would they subtitlse you to buy it? But, the lobbyists for the major music and movie studios have resisted modernizing these regulations.

MakeMKV and Handbrake Subtitles only during foreign languages?

Sep 1, at 4: I get no subtitles at all, not even for foreign dialog, and when I turn subtitles on I get subtitpes for the whole episode, not just foreign dialog. I bought the program because I used it enough to justify the purchase, and because I really think the developers deserve something for making this program.

To “fix” that, you may need to rearrange the subtitle tracks, or create a fake “forced only” track as the first track. Last edited by Aleron Ives; at How to aid in finding the optioon to your problem: I discard this video, but you can’t tell Handbrake not to encode video.


In some movies you may see that the biggest track size is exactly identical on two or more tracks.

MKV files have become the de-facto standard for video files because of their flexibility and ease of use. Computer administrator privileges are required on Windows to run the beta version.

When doing the subtitles, select what is usually with forced subtitle optiion the only subtitles stream and add it.

Blu-ray ripping tutorial with MakeMKV

MakeMKV does a pretty good job telling you which tracks are forced subs, the Blu-ray standard is more strict here than Opyion are where the forced subs can be anywhere. You can this link to go directly to the MakeMKV download page. HD-DVD support is limited — some discs may fail to open and not all audio and subtitle tracks will be preserved. MakeMKV just doesn’t preserve that information: After ootion, hard drive space is pretty cheap, but the Blu-ray rip for this movie is going to be Last edited by SteelWill; at It sounds like the PS3 doesn’t recognise forced subtitles, either.

My trusted resources These three form the foundation of my cord-cutting experience. As you can see in this image, there are 97 different tracks on this particular disc. However, there are Optiin steps – which are actually quite easy to follow and require a few programs.