Later in Laxshmi’s absence, Vaibhav dresses himself up like a woman. Vaibhav reluctantly replies to him that he will let him know about the results afterwards. Vaibhav, in his female avatar, meets Bhandari to discuss about his role in the daily soap. Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. Vaibhav returns home from Bhandari’s studio. Can I get his contact no pls. An OTP has been send to your mobile. Evolution of Indian Television Serials 11 Tips.

Vaibhav comes to Bhandari’s cabin in his female avatar. Vaibhav tells his mother-in-law that he would return the money later to his wife. He assumes Vaibhav to be an actress and requests him to give a small role to his son-in-law in Bhandari’s daily soap. Laxshmi tells her mother that she is going back to her house. In the meantime, Ajinkya Kumar joins the press conference. Vaibhav, despite his best efforts, fail to impress Bhandari. Will Vaibhav be able to hide his secret from Bhandari?

An astrologer assures Vaibhav that his future is bright and secure. Psti excitedly tells Vaibhav that he liked his acting a lot. On the other hand, Laxshmi and her family rush out of the house to search for Vaibhav. Vaibhav comes to Bhandari’s cabin in his saubhagyavsti avatar. Next morning, Suhas gets shocked to see Vaibhav in his female avatar. The show marks the return of Vaibhav to the small screen after Fu Bai Fu. Laxshmi tells her mother that she is going back to her house.

We will get back to you shortly. Nisha asks Laxshmi to convince Vaibhav to accept an office job to secure his future. Bhandari angrily asks his assistant to catch Vaibhav to get his signature. After a series of rejections, Vaibhav has reached a stage where his belief in himself has slowly begun to crumble. peisode


Laxshmi’s father asks Vaibhav to attend next day’s auditions in Bhandari’s studio. Jul 11, It is story of middle class stage actor.

What if destiny knocks with a pack full of surprises! Vaibhav doesn’t pay any heed to Laxshmi’s advice and goes on to share the news with his neighbours.

Vaibhav meets Bhandari and requests him for one more chance to prove his talent. I used to watch this serial previously when it got started as I thought there is a new kind of story but as the serial proceeded further there was saubhagyavato shown which was totally boring and the scenes used to be boring and the story never used to move further nothing innovative was shown and I He approaches the receptionist mxza enquires about the auditions for Bhandari’s new project.

Dil Dosti Duniyadari Marathi. He notices that the script is written for the female protagonist of Bhandari’s upcoming daily soap. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

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On the other hand, Laxshmi’s landlord asks her to vacate his place in next three months. Write a Review on Majhe Pati Saubhagyavati. Abhilasha Diwan enters the venue. Next morning, Laxshmi’s parents come to her house to celebrate the occasion. The story was ready but they have not casted the lead actress so the struggling acto Prakash meets Laxshmi and informs her that he has paid the electricity bill for her house. Laxshmi replies to Nisha that Vaibhav has bagged a role in a daily soap.

Laxshmi hands over a gift to her mother. He asks Vaibhav as to whom he was talking to in the voice of a female.


Maze Pati Saubhagyavati | Episode Update | 15th Oct 2015 | Vaibhav Mangle | Zee Marathi Serial

Ashwini Oct 26, at 9: Laxshmi’s mother offers her some money. He informs his in-laws that he has got a new job as a dubbing artist. Vaibhav yells at Prakash and asks him get out from his house. Vaibhav’s father-in-law requests Bhandari to give one chance to Mazq to prove his acting talent.

Vaibhav clears it to his wife that he doesn’t believe in such superstitious practices. Bhandari excitedly invites Vaibhav into his cabin and assumes him to be a woman. Ptai the other hand, Vaibhav comes home angrily. Vaibhav assures Laxshmi that he will bag the lead role, come what may.

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TV Editorial TeamJul 7, Existing Premium Users, Click saubhagyavagi to login. Vaibhav’s father-in-law calls him to know about the result of his audition. Paati father-in-law asks him details about his last audition. The story of the new serial on Zee Marathi appears to be focused on the story of a man, played by Vaibhav Mangale who is a dominating husband at his home but works at another place as a woman, where he is meek and subdued.

Jan 02,