One day Etho might kill Pause. Kurt’s take on UHC never fails in quality and entertainment. Overcats on the prowl! I’ll start the bidding at 1 block of emerald! I see Pause getting an unusually high amount of dislikes on his youtube video. Pause tries to dig after Pakratt and takes some gravel damage. Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore s10e7.

Thousands attend funeral for 7 N. I remember first watching GMM and thinking, “Who’s this scatterbrained guy making cheesy jokes and references? Plane lands in almost zero visibility. It’s going to be tough for GuudeBJ who I think is the strongest team right now, all things considered to top the level of entertainment and clutch teamplay Sobriety has put forth. MC falls for a trap in the very episode the trap was set, that’s got to be a double record right there. Pause runs right up to Etho to avenge Pyrao’s death and hits Etho back. Even if Sobriety ends up losing in the end though hopefully not, I’m rooting for them above everyone else , they have put on a fantastic show nonetheless.

Millbee sees the team and Mhykol’s enchanted armor.

Paul and Etho hop in a boat and Pakratt comes after them. Nebris goes up after Kurt, hiding behind a tree. Prayers for Barho family at Sydney mosque.

Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore – Season 10 Episode 5. Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore s10e7.

Anderz breaks to the left as arrow fire begins and Kurt shoots at him. Pakratt and Etho get a simple piston lava trap ready and digs in a fake area hoping somebody will walk in. Today I have time to make all the ViewHC s again once the videos air. The main thing to note is that he was stuck right behind a hill between himself and PIMP. Good news here is, Sobriety won’t be Uppercatted. Speaking of team dynamics, I honestly feel like team MAN had none.


As always, you can visit individual videos to support them with in-stream ads and likes and whatnot. Blood in the water. Kurt Probably would have died if not for the sword as Anderz got him down 5 hearts even with it so if not him Nebris or Millbee would have gotten him.

For sure, this episode more than anything has proven the ridiculous power of that Sharp V sword Kurt has, and I’m hoping they will be able to use it to wipe GuudeBJ, but that Power VI bow on Guude really scares me.

You got it buddy. It really shows you what a guy etho is. Pause tries to dig after Pakratt and takes some gravel damage. Yea, had he not knocked Millbee back, he could have gotten a second hit and killed Millbee, and probably would have ended up taking out all three. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in downtown Vancouver. I swear I just heard the garage door. Linking to Pak’s perspective since it shows both Etho’s setup and his modifications. Even if Sobriety ends up losing in the end though hopefully not, I’m rooting for them above everyone elsethey have put on a fantastic show nonetheless.

This has got to be the best episode ever, man. This isn’t PG right?

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Definitely would’ve killed him then. Kurt unloaded a can of whoop-ass on team M. Community mourns for 7 siblings killed in fire. Team Sobriety took out MAN without losing a single member.

They see a cobble tower, but I don’t know who left that either. I would love to see pause and etho on the same team, they both seem like natural leaders so, although their PvP skills are amazing, they might seasn onto problems. They find some remains and a village, and for whatever reason Beef isn’t eating an apple.


Not one mention of the Blame the Beef stalking Uppercat! This team is just caving for It’s Minecraft, you go through it of course!

I feel for the players eliminated, but you were all hugely important in creating the entertainment. It was indeed MC who put himself out. Family concerned mnidcrack Ont. BOO is trying to predict what everybody else would do, it’s hilarious. Four dead in violent clashes in Venezuela as aid arrives. Slain by Wolf jsano19 [a]. The mood mincdrack a lot more subdued without Pyrao.

Who on team MAN should I watch? Letting someone get behind you is sort of embarrassing. I just said the same thing on MC’s video. Retrieved from ” http: It would be neat if there were a third person flying view of the fights. Anderz criticizes the team’s swamp decision, Anderz setting up an Enchanting Table right near Sobriety’s cave base.

The whole team is here, dead, at spawn. Sason ends, with Pakratt all alone, questioning his choices.

UHC Season Episode 5 : mindcrack

They finally get moving in the forest, and don’t see anything. Player Link Pause http: Pause finds a village and then investigates nearby light. Millbee fires arrows at Kurt in the water and gets sniped quickly by Avidya.