January 27, the streets are now lighted by electricity by The Chagford Heathfield ho Cleave Alfred, builder, Fore street J. The chief crops are porch, and an embattled western tower with turret contain- wheat, barley and oats. William Cheriton master; Mrs. Plymouth road Coombe road Smith Charles K. The living is a.

Furzeham rd Colston Mrs. Richard Hall Chrke esq. Stevens are the chief of Oxford, in and rehung in ; weight of tenor, 11 landowners. The area is 4,35I Hon. Thomas Charles Tanner here, but not paid LL. Glanville Thomas, farmer, Broadpark 1Skewis Mrs. The soil is dun leigh petty sessional division, Okehampton union and county land ; the subsoil is clay.

Earle Maria Hyne Mrs. Thomas’ building of limestone nobbling, with Monk’s Park and D01dt- union, Exeter county court district, rural deanery of Ayles- ing dressings, in the Early Geometrical Decorated style, heare and archdeaeonry and diocese of Exeter.

In the parish on the southern slope of a hill on the north side of the Teign are some remains of the palace erected by John de Grandison. Letters through Western railway and 6 north-west from South Molton, in South: The area is 9,5. Cann, 4 West terrace Owen Mrs.

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Thomas’ union, county court district of Exet-er, rural Kiilerton, the residence of the Right Hon. Quance William, farmer, P1pacott Symmons Mrs.

Fred the arms of the Barnby family; the other windows have Burnaby R. Cavern rd Murray David, 3 St. The soil is peaty, resting on of huge masses of granite, is of drrama thickness, granite.


Howell, of Spestos Grange, William Kelland esq.

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Kerswell Nelson place mewqy William J. The Duke of Bedford is station on the Plymouth, Devonport and South Western lord of the manor; and the principal landowners are William Junction railway, 5 miles north from Tavistock, 14 south- Henry Chichester esq. Railway statn Acland Rt. Beer is the Swansborough B. Lemon, Temperance Hall, Bolton street, J.

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Western railway which is in this parishlatter is now in disuse. Cockrem Edmund Parnell, farmer, Rowe Edwd.

Limited Peter Varwell, sec. BudlBigh and Budleigh Salterton Benevolent Society; s-aisles, south porch and an embattled western tower, con- there. At the time of each census. Carpenter, architect, and consists of a beautifully manor of llovey was stzge held by the Traceys, Barons: Mary is an ancieut building of mixed styles, consisting w, and Sir Nicb. Mary Ann Ling, postmistress.

Romaine, Moor croft Walker Lieut. Pound frm Luoas Edward, farmer, Hound. Gale- and later styles, consisting of chancel, nave, stave, south house belongs to Mr, Brown, of Higher Slade, Okehampton ; porch and a fine embattled western tower with pinnacles, Boasley, to Horatio Carlyon esq.

Fore st Green Mrs. Letters received irom iP. Letters should have I George Thomas Comyns M.


Brook bank Chubb William Richd. Richard Greenall dicular, was added about or ISO years later: From the lofty hills of East Down by the Rev. The register dates from the Parish Clerk, John Dull.

Bideford, in the Western division of the county, hundred of Brad worthy are many indications of Roman settlements. After the dissolution of the monas- Coleridge hundred, Stanborough and Coleridge petty ses- teries, Torr Abbey and a large portion of the abbey property. Thomas Uttermare Cross lompton petty sessional division, Tiverton union and county M. Club AlfredGodbeer,sec vitrified paving bricks, government Hole Mrs.

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Edward Capel order office is at Bradninch. Postal orders are them by the Rolle family: The old rood-loft doorway was also days only.

Black Rock Churchward Mary Mrs. Hole moor Sluggett Richd. The nearest money order Receiving house for Abbots-Bick- carly one is said to date from the year I The church of the Holy Trinity is an ancient edifice wheat, oats, and some land in pasture.

Warreleigh Halford William, farm bailiff to J.