This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 26 January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nimiq 4i was replaced with Nimiq 4iR as it ran out of fuel on April 28, and was de-orbited. The channel does not generally air any non-Canadian theatrically-released films. Nimiq 4 was launched on September 19, , [2] and Nimiq 6 was launched on May 17, Nimiq is an Inuktitut word for “that which unifies” and was chosen from a nationwide naming contest in

Customers who still have an older SDTV with an AV input or peripheral modulator can use an HD receiver, but the quality will be limited to i due to technical limitations. Nimiq 4 and 6. Retrieved 17 October Bell’s uplink site is located in North York , Toronto, Ontario. HBO Canada airs a large selection of original films and documentaries produced by or for HBO, as well as Canadian films from various distributors to which Crave holds domestic broadcast rights. Pay-per-view television services in Canada. Residential accounts are limited to a maximum of six 6 receivers per account, but each of them can be a dual tuner receiver; therefore up to 12 televisions can be served however the current receiver lineup offered by Bell does not support 2 televisions as the receiver was discontinued.

Early versions of this service was originally deployed as “Bell ExpressVu for Condos” to get around restrictions regarding the mounting of satellite dishes.

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This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat Remote 2 of the,and the remote for model are based on “UHF Pro”. This also does not affect other regions such as Quebecwhere there are different types of plans. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Nimiq 4 was launched on September 19,[2] and Nimiq 6 was launched on May 17, Originally called DirecTV3it is an old DirecTV satellite moved to a new orbital slot near Nimiq 1 to offload some of the transmitting work mocies the original satellite.


Tee-Comm on its own managed to launch the first DBS service in Canada, AlphaStarin early ; however, in a matter of months the company went bankrupt and the service was discontinued, leaving thousands of consumers with useless receivers although with some reconfiguration, could be used to receive unencrypted FTA channels. However, in practice, the channel was jointly managed by both companies and the HBO Canada schedule was common to both services, except that TMN’s feed of the channel dmand on an Eastern Time Zone schedule while Movie Central fed the same programming two hours later on Mountain Time.

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All three methods only provide a i resolution due to technical limitations. Bell’s receiver limits can prove to be challenging for larger homes or multi-family residential units bfll landlords tend to prohibit the installation of more than one satellite dish.

All labour for installations is only under warranty for three 3 months.

It picked up the daily series in fall alongside sister channel Muchlater replaced by MTV. Nimiq 1 was launched on May 20, and contains 32 Ku-band transponders.

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Pay-per-view PPV events may be ordered either via the receiver itself with a remote control and phone line connection, via Bell’s website, or via an automated phone system. Retrieved July 16, Channel previously featured classic movies at 99 cents each, but this channel has been pulled off the air in C Channel The Life Channel.

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Because HDTV requires more bandwidth, some transponders typically broadcast only channels. Models and came out with very basic infrared IR remotes that could be used only to control the receivers themselves and would operate on all 16 remote addresses.

From time to time the channel airs acquired programs which air on other U. Current HD receivers support the i, p, p and i resolutions. The latter is required as part of Crave’s Exptessvu content obligations for its pay TV licence, which much be met separately by each of the service’s linear multiplex channels. UntilHBO Canada was in many cases only permitted to offer current seasons of HBO programming on its linear channels or on-demand, as second window rights to older seasons continued to be sold to basic-cable specialty channels such as Showcase.


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Nimiq 6located at They are now sold in packages called “Good”, “Better” and “Best” similarly to its competitor Rogers Cable in that region. This includes the,,, and the Pay-per-view television services in Canada. This page was last edited on 26 Januaryat Nimiq 2launched on December 29,also includes 32 K-band transponders.

Nimiq 2 provides HDTVinternational programming, and all newly released channels. The phone line simply automates the process of ordering pay-per-view by dialing out the Event ID and other information that would be requested by manually calling the pay-per-view phone system. From the time of service launch in to the switch to Nimiq inExpressVu used the already crowded Anik E2.

All secondary remotes for dual tuners may also be converted to remote 1 by flipping the plastic bottom of the remote. Rotating the dish i.

Retrieved April mocies, This means that when the watcher is concentrating on one single game, they will be notified if the score changes for other games. List of communications satellite firsts List of communication satellite companies.