For those who knew and loved SCTV, they know that it was never bad comedy and that it went out with dignity Kehidupan Hendra dengan dunianya sendiri namun tetap menyayangi adiknya. Id like to see more of Thomas and Flaherty. Syl 5 August Even Monty Python has some not-so-great shows. Dressed like Elmer Fudd on a wabbit-hunt, Joe Flaherty and John Candy rated movies based on whether they “blowed ’em up real good,” or not. That has to be worth an extra half star at least, right? SCTV’s greatness came from its isolation from critics and audience.

It’s classic comedy from the late seventies. About halfway thru it, John Candy rushes in dressed as a matron, I swear I laughed for half an hour. I never saw the actual first run of SCTV, but my late night insomnia opened me up to it during reruns. The Mackenzie Brothers, eh? I mentioned Being There already, but my favorite tip of the hat was how they recreated the Manhattan poster. Syl 5 August For instance, there’s a woman’s prison sketch that’s done as a parody of the anti-marijuana films of the s.

It was brilliant in its day though and for its time. It’s a shame so few people have seen this show, which ranks among the most brilliantly hilarious and astonishinly inventive of all television comedy series. Oh, and you get gratuitous Steve Coogan nudity. Basically, what you see is what you get. Unlike some reviewers, I can’t say I loved when it was expanded to the 90 minute format.

Quint loves the Paul Rudd comedy MY IDIOT BROTHER at Sundance 2011!

The series has held up well it’s a little dated with some of the topical references but the skits are well-written and full of laughs. Rbother, one can punch holes in about anything, and they do not, in the end, add up to much.


I urge anyone who is uninitiated to jump in with both feet. The situation explodes when Rudd shows up at his family home and is essentially passed around from sister to sister, each one comfortable in their lives, and acts as a bit of a reset button for them all. SNL far too often descended into juvenile, and sometimes even infantile, humor and its casts were way too uneven.

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The other guys I loved were the Red-neck movie reviewers. SCTV set a high standard for sketch comedy, and so far no other show has measured up.

After Ramis’s departure, the show evolved into a bigger more mainstream version of itself, culminating in a minute late night Friday extravaganza that for a while even had major musical guests.

The ieiot of writers on the show is also impressive: There are so many sketches I could name, but I won’t, because it would literally take me a full day, if not two. The syndicated show’s success would result in a minute network version. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Sorry, it was a sad stupid mistake. All the cast wrote bits, but some more than others. Up there with Monty Python in my opinion. Gangster Land, Hog-Butcher to the World and my personal favourite the Stacker of Wheat all cover the urban atmosphere that is thriving on the Southwest shoreline of Lake Michigan.

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But think about it: Martin Short is probably my least favorite of the regulars, yet he has his moments Boy from Deliverance, some Ed Grimley bits, etc. SCTV is now on the air!


You guessed it – if the movie “blowed ’em up real good” followed by lots of guffaws and yuksit was a good movie. One of SCTV’s main strengths was that it gave its audience credit for having the intelligence to understand brither it was trying to say and do, which was something that SNL often lost sight of, especially in its later years.

Quint loves the Paul Rudd comedy MY IDIOT BROTHER at Sundance !

The cast is a comedy dream team. I’m only 18 yrs old, so naturally, I was born after the show ended, but I’ve been watching reruns for quite a while now, idit I have to say that I know the show pretty sxtv.

The greatest show that ever was, and that ever will be Making use of the existence of both the Chicago and Toronto groups, personnel were sometimes shuttled back and forth for stays in the other facility.

The writing is very good too. But the same goes for all the rest of the cast. The Mackenzie Brothers, eh? I’m a fan of SNL, always have been, always will be, even during some of the dark years yeah, the 80s had some BAD years and as much as I love that show, ever since watching the very first one, I have to say, in the long run, SCTV was better.