Better critics than I have said this is a great book, but it just didn’t click for me. The mood is ominous and dangerous. This is billed as the first YA Steampunk and there is definitely plenty of archaic g I read this book to my son who is 9 years old. This is how it felt through this book. Sep 02, Mauro Hernandez rated it it was amazing. In the story, time is hurtling backwards caused by these frozen beings called The Harsh.

I reserve one stars for really truly disliking everything about a story. Overall it’s a decent tale and I appreciated that while the main protagonist was a boy there was also a girl character who effected the plot and action. Apr 14, Chris Van Dyke rated it it was ok Shelves: I plan on reading the the next book in this trilogy because the end of this book was very mysterious. It has all of the ingredients. They were supposedly abandoned children

Otherwise they sleep through the centuries. Diamond, an expert in the science of time. The Navigator is reminiscent of The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman His Dark Materials where the hero learns along the way what the enemy is, and what his role is in the war. This is a fact and not a positive or negative. This sets it apart from other books in this genre as youth fiction tends to be very straightforward.

Sep 01, Phu-Quy H rated it liked it.

To ask other readers questions about The Navigatorplease sign up. Read more of my reviews at http: And Owen discovers he has a terrifying role to play in this battle: But he discovers some special powers which point to him nvigator a singular figure called the Navigator who is destined to lead them where they need to go.

City of Time

While at times the book fell into the trap that plagues most Alternate-Magic-Land mdnamee, namely endless exposition as the confused protagonist has to be caught up on history, culture, language, navigato technology while the natives constantly forget he is a foreigner, at other times it did a good job of skirting that issue with quick summaries.


By his young teens, he’s quietly self-reliant, managing the house on his own and taking care of his mother who is forgetful and not always lucid. There are good characters, and plenty of action. It starts with Johnston and his men, who read like terribly written knock of off Peter Pan pirates — evil yet silly — and their keystone cops routine and repetitively forced dialect started to grate at once. The stories they tell are more about mcjamee and abstractions.

The mood is ominous and dangerous. Aug 08, Gretchen rated it it was ok. If the writing be historical fiction, the mind wants to understand where the truth melts and the fiction begins.

Owen’s father committed suicide, and people around town whisper that Owen will follow in his father’s footsteps. The concept for this book was quite inventive, and I enjoyed the author’s concept of a world in which time itself is in danger from antagonistic forces. It’s also a rarity in that each successive volume seemed to get better for me. Unless the Harsh are stopped everything Owen knows will vanish as if it has never been.

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City of Time (Navigator Trilogy, book 2) by Eoin McNamee

Naturally, the Harsh will be waiting. Unless they are stopped, everything Owen knows will vanish as if it has never been Very decent an sophisticated fantasy with surrealist bend being ,cnamee story’s themes deal with ancient forces that weave with the very fabric of time.

Owen gets little to no characterization. Is everything restored to the way it ncnamee As Owen searches for a solution, he travels through time to meet his father and grandfather, and discovers that the mysterious Frost Child holds the key to the power of the Harsh. As time goes backwards, and we’re talking that it is quickly the middle ages and then earlier, there seems to be NO regular humans.

The Navigator Trilogy Series

Two out of Five Stars thecultureworm. Owen is an outcast in “normal” life as well as in the Workhouse which may be a catalyst to his keen observation of others, mistrust and searching for truth in himself and his past. After reading this book, it made me go straight to Barnes and Noble and buy the next book in the trilogy. This children’s fantasy was a fun read, creative, imaginative.


Reviews that I’ve read indicated that the ending was worth the whole book. They have succeeded in causing time to run backwards.

mcnammee Not an incorrect formula, but one has to work hard to make their particular version of this story unique. Mom has sunk into a fog of depression. I found the Navigator easy to read and something I would want to share with my children. The story makes no sense. This might be a decent story, but there are too many good naviyator out there to spend time with one that is poorly written.

When this happens, and it has happened before, a group of sleeping people called the Resisters awaken to combat the Harsh. Passive voice throughout the narrative. The world is a pretty interesting one; there’s a lot of good, creative details although apparently not particularly mem In the classic tradition of juvenile fantasy novels this story revolves around a young boy who sees something odd in the woods around his house one day and decides to follow it. The man tells him “It mcnxmee begun” and Owen finds himself involved with a group of Resisters who are trying to keep the evil Harsh from destroying time itself.

I ultimately liked this book more than not, but you would have to read it yourself to see what you think–as other “Goodreads” users who have left navigatlr differing reviews have done.

Want to Read saving…. Time can only be set Young Adult.