The weapon used is identified as a skate hook for tightening laces, and Carla’s car is found dumped in the river. Unlike a well written mystery that often has a happy ending, this show also displays the underside of failure due to toxic people and not every episode ends with a predictable success. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Jim blackmails Joanne’s psychiatrist and hijacks her psychotherapy sessions in an attempt to destabilize Joanne and make her fail the test. Frost and a FBI agent seem to know each other from a past time. She had helped bandage Doyle after he set Cavanaugh’s apartment on fire. Archived from the original on March 17, Also, Kent prepares video testimonials from everyone, Korsak uses his vacation time and sick days to retire nearly a month early, and Jane announces that she is taking time off to vacation in Paris with Maura.

Meanwhile, Ron asks Angela to attend a Paris conference with him and Nina finds the woman targeting Jane and Maura, only to discover she has been released from jail. The woman, however, leaves digital clues that her boss had raped her and will kill her to keep her quiet. Archived from the original on October 3, During dinner Jane, Maura, Angela, Hope and Cailin discuss about how moving has been hard on her and how she has to move schools. Jane and Maura are on the case, when a Dance Mom, Denise Ryan, is killed when she is stabbed in the chest with scissors. When Samantha Cole Alexis Raich , Sutton’s chemistry student, attempts a drug overdose before his death, her background is checked. Retrieved June 17, I may not always agree with Mr.

When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. Angela, who is frustrated with not being able to find a job, ends up getting a job at the bar, by giving advice to a man about proposing to his girlfriend and the woman who delivers the beer.

Jane, having dpisode asked a priest for forgiveness of her future actions, is at peace with the resolution.

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This article’s plot summaries may be too long or excessively detailed. Isles is upset that she donated her kidney to Cailin, three months ago, and epiisode yet to be thanked for it. Jane finds a link between her victim and MacGregor.


Retrieved June 21, The morning after Lydia dropped the baby off Jane, Maura, and Tommy are taking shifts on watching serizl Maura takes a sample from Tommy and the baby for a paternity test. Not trusting episdoe Steve would keep quiet, Rory’s wife, Kate, had taken matters into her own hands and murdered both him and Debbie. Retrieved May 31, When Jane and Maura are called in on the case of a dead woman in an alley, Jane and Frost talk about investigating the husband, but Maura finds that she was married to a woman.

Korsak reveals he bought the local bar “The Dirty Robber” as a retirement present to himself. Later on, Leah has ‘gone missing’, which Jane and Korsak think that she may have been abducted. When Korsak and Maura investigate it turns out Josh told the truth when he said he tried to perform CPR on the officer when he was shot.

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Retrieved — via The Futon Critic. So we set off in 3.7.13 direction. It is revealed that two different people in two different occasions had discovered the body and failed to report it to the police due to their own personal relationships with the victim.

Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved September 7, When the death looks suspicious, Maura declares it a murder. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat On August 23,sources reported that ABC Family had ordered a pilot for The Fostersa series which would tell the story of a lesbian couple raising a “21st-century” multi-ethnic mix of foster and biological children.

She is curious to learn about her heritage, but Patrick wants nothing to do with her. I mean, their slogan is ‘A new kind of family. Meanwhile, Maura’s mother, Hope, tells her that she is closing her clinics, which were funded by Paddy Doyle.

Maine Detective Mike Guthrie Niall Matter arrives to suggest they offkce looking for the same person who killed a “stranded” year-old woman. Add the first question. The team learns Tori had been raped and given birth before her parents’ death. A body is found during Fleet Week ; Frost has a tense visit with his father. Although the Museum director insisted that nothing was stolen, the team discovers that a 20 million dollar painting was swapped for a replica.


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Retrieved September 18, Subsequent offic were shot in studio sets modeled after these offices. Also, Angela hunts for her own apartment. It turns out that the new candidate’s assistant murdered the victim when she was getting close to discovering that he killed epieode best friend 10 episoed ago, because the girl liked Tom better. When they go to arrest the assistant they find that she’s so engulfed in the game that she can’t see what she’s done.

Views Read Edit View history. On January 13,ABC Family renewed the series for a third season which premiered on June 8, [30] [31] with the second half set to premiere on January 18, on Freeform. Strangely, it felt a little like a match made in heaven. Jane’s dad returns with the surprise that he’s getting married.

The entire homicide division is present at a warehouse, when an undercover homicide cop was shot and killed. The killer ends up being a man that works delivering water to companies. Retrieved March 19, When the body eventually washes up, Maura is dismayed to see she was killed with an ice pick, the signature of her biological father, Paddy Doyle and recuses herself from the autopsy.

Retrieved offide ” https: Retrieved February 2, His surviving son blames him for the deaths and has not spoken to him in years. At a award ceremony for officers that showed extraordinary efforts in the line of duty Jane begins bonding with a fellow recipient, Abby, but after the award ceremony is over, Abby’s car explodes.

Jane explained that she would’ve said the exact same thing.