Meanwhile, Miu gives some fashion advice to her friend and neighbour, Shiori Kitahara. Anyways, bring on the Raika. Raika got one ahead.. When the girls get home Sora and Miu pack; Yuuta spends time with Hina to distract her from thinking about her parents. The last part was indeed touching. Nimura replies that her kindness is the source of the pity, and it is all right to be herself.

Worst is that he had quite the serious face here when eh was drawing her and is that some kind of loli phone cover here or it’s one that is hentai teen? To echo this, this series has a light novel, 6 manga adaptations, and this anime adaptation. Else you would have to deal with the manga version of it in the spoiler that I would not like at all TBH. Hina’s white stuffed bunny looks like Kyubey out of pure coincidence and even grants wishes too, lol. Even one that grants wishes: Good episode,creepy club president is creepy. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

Mom returns next episode. I loved seeing Sora taking Hina into her arms. I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear iuoto, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. While it was nice to meet the president of the choir club.

Actually that would be a pretty sick show – StopDropAndBowl. Though the club president needs to be shot or exterminated that’s just way too over the top: Sako is a dangerous man, he wants innocent 3 year old Hina, he also did a sketch of Hina but kikjnasai her long hair.

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Proves that Sora is in the choir club, whom is famous for the Gospels it produces. Archived from the original on March 13, Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. They end up at a karaoke restaurant with Nimura, who learns about Yuuta’s predicament.

Some people mentioned this a few episodes ago but it’s completely different from the manga tho i do have to mention that neither the manga more the anime is bad.


One day, however, he receives bad news: When everyone else is asleep, Sora finds the letter detailing another uncle’s desire to adopt all three girls into his family. Thanks, person who gave me this on another site a long time ago, lol.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Episode 6 Discussion

kikinasqi Hina being super popular at beginning was extremely cute,also Yuuta is learning the hard way how hard is to bath a little girls. About the creepy president ya When Yuuta returns home the girls discuss their plans for the school semester but they are interrupted by the landlady’s daughter, who is evicting Yuuta for violating his lease which stipulates how many people eisode live with him.

As of present it is one of Japan’s bestselling light novels, and has spawned six manga adaptations aimed at various demographics and an Animated Adaptation aired from January to March12 Episodes. I liked how Hina jumped at Kurumi in the spoiler the neighbourhood girl is nice after all with Hina.

Jealous of Raika, Sora decides to learn with them. As a non-lolicon, I also approve of this message. While I do admit that the shopping Mall signboard is catchy in being cute.

He is precise as ever in knowing her. Nimura being there helps. Listen To Me, Girls. The club president still only creeps me out, isn’t funny at all. I’m really digging the voice that she has: It seems like Raika meets the girls in the next episode. Meanwhile, Miu gives some fashion advice to her friend and neighbour, Shiori Kitahara.

Sora’s slap really hurt, very unnecessary and it was accidental that Yuta held her panties, she should be more glad that he broke her fall because she could have been bruised or broken a leg. Despite the hardships of his new iujoto, Yuuta, with some help from his friends at the Street Observation Research Club — portly Club President Shuntarou Sako, his handsome best friend Kouichi Nimura, and buxom college sweetheart Raika Oda — vows to persevere and prove himself worthy to be his nieces’ legal guardian.


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After scolding them for endangering themselves, Yuuta gives them a cake. Lists of anime episodes.

No surprise even I find the smile creepy. Hina’s iykoto stuffed bunny looks like Kyubey out of pure coincidence and even grants wishes too, lol. Yuri and Shingo disappeared together with the plane they were in while they were on vacation. Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! To further that Hina offering a orange out and Hina from afar here with Sora paying attention to her was nice.

I totally hate violent tsunderes unless it’s overdone in a funny way, like Akane Tendo. As a result she falls on Yuuta in the spoiler whom episodee show some of her panties being white. Yuuta’s aunt visits to check on iukooto four of them; she sees they are doing well, but warns Yuuta his difficulties will increase when school starts. Episoed his sister goes missing in a plane crash, he is left to care for his sister’s three daughters from her marriage.

Hina again is the winnner in this ep. Spirit Bomb that fucker and call it a day! If he’s going that far, he probably wants to rape the girls or something Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Justin Sevakis December 18, In the early morning, Yuuta takes the three girls home with him.

Yuuta visits his sister’s grave, where Sora confronts him about her uncle’s letter.

About Sako, indeed as many said he was scary and very much pedo. At this rate he’s gonna molest the whole show.