Sevea , thus, offers a similar analysis of the way in which Punjabi films construct a Jatt-centric hegemonic code that reinforces social dominance and provides a template against which other caste groups are judged. Journal of South Asian Studies 1 1: Sasivarna Thevar of the Forward Bloc. Tamil film-stars are popular not only by virtue of their cinematic appeal but also because of the close links they maintain with political parties and the checkered political career of the Tamil film industry itself. Common-sense—as developed by Gramsci In Madurai, which has a stronger visual culture than other cities in Tamil Nadu, a foot cut-out was installed showing the Thevar Magan hero brandishing an extra-large sword. Titled “Pasumpon Thevar Varalaaru”, the documentary narrates the life story of Thevar, who hailed from Pasumpon village of Tamil Nadu’s Ramanathapuram district.

It is in this context that symbols and representations in the cultural realm become politically consequential. The authorities partially withdrew, and reduced the number of CTA registrations in the concerned areas from around to Instead it has fuelled caste conflicts, resulting in an exaggerated sense of caste pride and an emphasis on caste symbolism that has periodically pockmarked the southern regions of the state with violence, and continues to inform caste politics today. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved June 20, http: He returned on 18 February and began to prepare for the coming general election. Sevea , thus, offers a similar analysis of the way in which Punjabi films construct a Jatt-centric hegemonic code that reinforces social dominance and provides a template against which other caste groups are judged.

Not much known about the contributions made by Thevar, Lincon has made an indepth analysis and visited several places of Thevar’s and had brought out a thesis.

He won in both cases. Jeyaranjan and Rajan Krishnan.

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It is an ancient city, best known for its central Meenakshi temple around which the city has grown. Retrieved August 4, http: Following the election, Thevar’s health deteriorated and he largely withdrew from public life.


At a larger socio-political level, we argue, the explicit or implicit eulogizing of Thevar militancy in both films and staged social events, combined with state support, has given a psychological edge to the dominant castes in contemporary caste dynamics.

In the last five years, marginal castes hitherto invisible in Tamil cinema, such as Varalzaru, have found a space via filmmakers like Thangar Bachan Azhagi, Solla Maranda Kathai and Thendral.

The Nadars of Tamil Nad: In this paper we offer an analysis of feature films produced since to suggest that representations of caste dominance have served to reinforce caste-based identities and a social common-sense which equates particular intermediate castes with dominance, valor, heroism and violence. Unlike the Dravidian oeuvre, however, these films are much more explicit about the caste backgrounds of the protagonists. Thevar, who was disillusioned thevarr the official Congress leadership which had not revoked the CTA, joined the Forward Bloc.

It is our contention that the violence is celebrated here due to its association with caste dominance. This overlapped somewhat with films thevxr a Communist or Socialist message between the late s and mids.

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varalaru Asked about the future of such historical films, Lincoln said: Hello have u visited this blog? Skip to main content. Songs, story-lines, Robin-Hood style heroes and almost subliminal references to party symbols like the flag and the rising sun, were deployed to present the party as the champion of the downtrodden.

This is particularly surprising given the social significance of the medium. It was the genealogical praising of the Thevar caste in the song lyrics, they argue, that made the film such a huge box office success, and it is not surprising that the soundtrack to the film is now an essential part thevzr the playlist at Thevar gatherings. The dominant narrative varalaaruu such films also affects how they are received.

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Satyamurthi, on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, intervened to preserve the unity of the Congress. Being judged is part of being a public figure: Bose, whom Thevar supportee, was re-elected as the Congress President. Indeed, the script narrates the folklore legend of a subaltern hero who was hired by mocie Nayak King to restrain the Kallars.


Muthuramalingam’s father died on 6 June If we are to see a decline of such violence, we do not need more films that deplore caste violence whilst reproducing kovie in glamorized form, but a critique of the common-sense which such films reflect and help to reproduce.


Rajagopalacharidid not do so. Valor in films, as Rajangam shows, is bound up with a strong emphasis on traditional masculinity.

Heroes are expected to defend the vulnerable—especially women—fight injustice and be able to protect their families and communities.

In metonymically linking film stars to political figures, such films suggest that Thevars have a right and a duty to uphold their honor.

Jayalalithaa have chosen to patronize the Thevars and the other sub-castes that are linked to them, including the Kallars and the Maravarscommunity leaders in the southern districts have reaffirmed their caste authority and hegemony by taunting, insulting and inflicting violence on Dalits who dare to defy their tevar.

Instead, we have used 3D animation to depict him when continuity in narration was needed,” the director said. Thevar contested from the Mudukulathur constituency, and was elected unopposed.

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Where they have fought for the right to participate, caste tensions increase as a result. From his first meeting till his death, Thevar spoke about Netaji. The groups comprising the Thevars have a very complex history as members of a royal lineage, marauding tuevar, chieftains, watchmen pasum;on dacoits.

However the life history of Thevar who was a national leader and who showed keen interest in spiritualism has been kept in the dark all these years.