Watch Now on Prime Video. Trivia This marks Pierce Brosnan’s return to series television after his breakthrough role on Remington Steele Sesha finds the skin of a snake and shows it to Yamini and then Sesha burns it as she believes that the snake dies if his skin is burned. Yamini’s husband’s elder brother comes to her and demands his share in the Naagmani that she had promised him in return for a new family. Yamini is not happy that Rocky has not taken Shivangi out after their marriage and it has been a month now. Afterwards, Yamini gathers everyone to inform them that Alia and Rudra love each other a lot and that is why she is thinking of getting them engaged. Maheshmati says that she will do Sesha’s Kanyadaan and Yamini is impressed Shivangi and Sesha are dancing in the Shiv temple in front of the Shivling in order to please Lord Shiva so that he saves Rocky’s life.

Audible Download Audio Books. Meanwhile, Shivangi takes Shesha’s form and invites Amar into her room and later tells him to meet her inside Kali Maa’s temple. So what were they? Shivangi abducts Vikram and shows him her true form, and tells him that she is there to take her On the other hand, Vikram is back and he is planning to expose Shivangi in front of Rocky. The bull, while playing, gives a hint that he has never stolen a diamond or something like a Mani in life.

He goes inside to check on her, and realises that Shivangi is not there and calls her but in vain as her phone is not reachable. Shivangi tells Avantika that even Sheeshupal, Avantika’s husband, is with her now and no one can stop her from taking revenge for her mother’s death.


The bull, while playing, gives a hint that he has never stolen a diamond or something like a Mani in life. Later, Shivanya tells Shivangi that she has to get married now and also informs her that Aditya is coming to see her for Mansi is about to open the refrigerator in which Uttara’s dead body is kept. The priestess starts saying some Mantras and the scorpion comes and takes the poison out of Sesha’s body, and she comes back to her senses.

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However, Nidhi and Shivangi manage to divert Mansi from opening the refrigerator. Shivangi is keen on becoming a naagin without wasting a day’s time as she wants to avenge her mother’s death. Meanwhile, Shivangi gives the poison, calling it a Yamini tells Sesha that the bowl is magical and will show them what Mahish is up to.

Shesha is really happy and informs Yamini that she is on Share this Rating Title: The series opens with what I would say is at least a 14 year-old boy being taken captive in Shivangi rushes to the place where they have buried Rudra and takes him out of the grave and takes him to her Gurudev in the Shiv temple.

Prairie Flower 15 episodes, Shane Graham Just then Sesha reaches him in Shivangi’s form and he promises to keep her safe, unaware that it is actually Sesha.

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Rocky, Yamini and Shivanya take Shivangi to the hospital. Rocky tells her that he has achieved an award for his hard work. Rudra, however, states that they can kill him by burning him and Rudra lights the room on fire. Eli McCullough 20 episodes, Shivangi tells him that she came because he slept while reading and was taking off his glasses, but Rocky asks her to not act here and bloldy that he will keep an vietssub on her in this house.


Meanwhile, Sesha plans to get rid of Shivangi and get married to Rocky as Shivanya had earlier married Ritik, whom Sesha loved. Rocky overhears this and misunderstands everything and eeason. Gurudev had told her that if she sprinkles this red colour on the horn which has rudra, it will turn red.

Sesha is chasing Rocky and Shivangi as they are heading towards their ancestral Mansion. It is Diwali and everyone is celebrating the same.

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However, her Gurudev warns The Son — 7. Charles McCullough 15 episodes, However, Shivangi catches Nidhi and tries to make her understand, but in all this Uttara escapes from Shivangi’s grasp.

Rudra is angry and plans to give Sesha and Avantika the treatment which animals get. Later, Sesha and Rudra join hands in achieving their own objectives.

That means the boy would be 80 years old. Mashmiti then performs her magic and calls upon the spirit of old bees to build a strong magical beehive so that it attracts anyone who comes in this room.

Yamini enters Mahishmiti’s magical chambers along with her and Sesha. Shivangi gets shot as Yamini wanted to kill the girl whom Rocky loves.