It’s not in Prime Time in any of the licensed broadcasters aside from APTN, which has fractional audiences and even less promotion. Temple and Pelmorex did not request a rate increase. When I ran through some of the scenarios with the change of subscribers that I looked at, it does generate additional revenue. Again, changes of subjects, and this one is hard to do, I think, orally. So while I applaud the Commission for its Order in , I do not see the data or the results yet, which is to say we in the independent community keep trying, but evidently the broadcasters only listen to the CRTC and you are the ones who continue to act as the stern parents who keep them in line. Can you explain a little bit how you accounted for the impact with these matters in arriving at this subscriber forecast that you have put for us?

Who would be on that research panel and how would you select people? Several interveners have objected to this combination of requests by APTN. Purchasing the equipment needed to connect to the NAAD system. And then the ongoing costs is simply the cost of having internet access, which is fairly low. We object to any expectation that BDUs and our customers shelter programming services from the challenges facing the entire broadcasting industry. So back to some of the issues raised by Giganomics. How would — what’s your idea on that one?

To learn more about aluminium, see: And I believe that you suggested it should be 80 percent to 20 percent?

We will not repeat our methodology, findings and recommendations here, although we welcome your questions. Where is the Indigenous-led content on Canadian screens? That was a capital outlay. Just to be clear on the record.

Those are serious issues. As past experience has shown, regular review in a forum such as this license renewal is necessary to ensure the continued enhancement of the NAADS system. So could it have been a 75 percent reduction or whatever. Of course, they will have as a monopoly on an essential service such a response. tilm


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On APTN we can find news and timely programs which help call our attention to stories, commentary, and perspectives that are simply not available elsewhere. Yeah, that doesn’t form part of the material for this hearing.

That would be a real cost. So to be forced would have an impact as to how we would be able to do that.

I still believe every single Canadian broadcaster ought to be required to have at least 5 percent Indigenous original programming in Prime Time, not a star of a show, or a guest star, or someone who is mentoring as a spring editor in the mainly white writing department, I’m talking about writers, directors and producers controlling and owning the creative.

But to be clear, in that case, Mr. Nous, on serait dans un cumul de 32 heures par semaine. Well, I can speak for our community channel MAtv, and what we do is we added Aboriginal programming in the last year, and we are reflecting Aboriginal programming on Rilm now.

While my colleague is looking for this specific reference, do you have a line number for the intervention where you cited that from? So these are just wctu costs to get the programming on air. At yesterday’s hearing, APTN stated that with the fee increase they will only launch 60 hours of new programming.

Overall, this feels more kind of lip service because none of the shows are ultimately going into oa. But let’s — I do have a few for you. On peut faire plus de programmation. You cannot produce it artificially and there is no substitute. ANN has failed because the concept is based on open market forces.

Transcript, Hearing May 1

You have a bit of a challenge around allocation issues, and I do recognize in some of the questioning that I’ve seen in Exhibit 1 and 2 from the CRTC, intend to pursue that.


Nous sommes heureux de vous dire que cette obligation porte ses fruits. Quelle est votre source, finalement? Now, if the Commission were to impose the conditions that you suggest, would you then be supportive pous a rate increase? Understood, but do you have a view how trends in Canadian BDU subscribership might differ from those in the U. Someone has to see the value and support it financially.

The Moon and the asteroids do not contain the metal in an extractable form. And I take it from your comments that you do not support that approach. Recherche sur tout le site. But right now, the system is broken, and continually going back and asking for a couple of cents here every three or five years, it’s not the answer.

Transcript, Hearing May 1, 2018

Please introduce yourself for the record, and you have five minutes for your presentation. That’s becoming an increasingly important proposition in competition with OTTs. TV5 responded that it would probably lead to the disappearance of TV5 because of the disruption to their distribution and to their advertising plks. And just imagine the energy it would take to bring some back from Mars or Venus!

I did hear that discussion yesterday. I thank you very much, the Chair, and Members of the Commission, for the opportunity to speak acth you today. La Rose’s letter of December 20 thoutlines strong support.

APTN provides in-depth, objective answers to the many questions that arise in this area of reconciliation.