There is no video! A land of perpetual darkness? You finished Night Watch Island! Turtle Girl February 20, at 2: Go to the far left tanning bed, click on it. Poptropica images on this blog are the property of Poptropica. Go to Slugger’s on the left side of the second floor and return the cards to the owner.

Click on the Employee of the Month picture to reveal the blowtorch behind. Yo all yo peoples! Try to avoid the robber on the golf cart all this time. She doesn’t care that the mall is closed if she can get a few more minutes on “Simmer”. When the code is granted, the door will open. Elizabeth January 20, at 8: Thanks a lot for the cool guide!

Brave Sky January ialand, at 1: Exit the security office to re-enter the mall, then run to the right. When you get inside PrintFax, click on the printer.

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Click on the smartphone to add this item to your inventory. He asks, has there been a break-in?

Is this a glitch? Someone March 18, at 7: Jumpy Icicle March 14, at 7: Then she leads you through the security office and into the Mall Atrium. You ask if he wants it back, he says no. Night watch is oouuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Equip your blowtorch and click on red panels to melt them. The toy bird will be added to your personal inventory.


Then go up the first ladder and use the blowtorch on the metal bar to your left side and climb through the tunnel until you get to the power box which you need to burn up to cut off the power.

Select the blowtorch from your inventory, then use the blowtorch to cut the lock on the door. Walk to the right to pick up the toy robot lying on the ground. Now, hop down, and run popyropica.

As expected, he’s the owner of PrintFax. Now, leave the mall atrium, and go to the right area. Go to the far left tanning bed, click on piptropica.

You finished Night Watch Island! Now jump on the scooter and exit the office.

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Run up to the top floor and enter the store. Re-enter the mall and run to Mall Witten. Time to check out Night Watch Island! The robber is doing something with the printer!

You have another alert! Now, go back left to the Security Walkghrough station. The charger will now charge the segway.

You can exit the tanning salon after telling her.

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Gus says they’re in the manager’s office, but what’s the password. Now, hop down and the robber is there, he says now your starting to get on my nerves.


What keeps you going? Crazy Flame January 18, at 7: An Alert appears on the huge security screen: Fast Penguin March 22, at 6: Panda March 24, at Quick Fire March 18, at 4: Yo all yo peoples! You are commenting using your WordPress. Launch Poptropica and go to Night Watch Island.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. But are you alone on the night watch… or is someone watching you? OMG, I did it! Golden Bubbles March 28, at 2: Go left and torch the next barrier.

Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe! If you want to add me in poptropica your surely welcome to do it my user name is Hellokitty Cool Claw March 15, at You will see the snake inside the Tanning Salon! The theme sounds great as do the sound effects, and I hope he might do more soundtracks for Poptropica in the future.

Follow the tunnel again and drop down onto the right side, next to the burglar.