Falulu then performs her live where she manages to produce a golden Airy Cyalume Change, to everyone’s amazement. Both Himeka and Gloria decided to meet outside Pripara one day but although Gloria waited for ages Himeka didn’t show up. Sophy finds she cannot complete the ceremony and tries to leave but Usagi calls the panda guards to stop her. While walking home after school, Laala meets up with Mikan and Aroma, as well as two preschool children, Anko and Miruku, who have lost their dog. Laala feeling downcast decides to put on the best performance she can in the hopes Nao will forgive her. When Dorothy asks her what she’s doing, Love acts defensive and dives into the pool to escape.

Hibiki turns up on his horse and whisks Sion off, taking her home. At school Laala tells Mirei she is still worried about the headmistress discovering her secret. He first met Mirei just after she entered Pripara but she refused to let him be her manager. She tell Sophy that if she really wants to be happy she’ll come to the eleventh floor, before being thrown out of the venue by panda guards. Laala then tells Mirei to meet her on the eleventh floor. Falulu puts Gaaruru to bed before sitting alone and playing with her Non robot but breaks it due to a lapse in concentration. When Hibiki asks what they are doing, Mikan reveals she is going to paraglide from the apartment block to the roof of the church to get to the crow’s nest and retrieve the mitten. Dorothy comments on how unusually strict Usagi is being while his little sister is around, believing he is trying to impress her.

He offers them to play tennis as he has heard of Love’s skill. She also finds she has accidentally brought her PriTickets to school and is nearly caught by the headmistress.

She however remembers the day she became an idol and her vow to ehglish the best and wonders if she has what it takes on her own. Aromageddon then perform it at their next concert where everyone admires how impressive it is.

Her makeup having been smeared by the water, causes her to scare everyone in Pripara winning the competition. Everyone snaps friends tickets and throws them to Falulu, the Paradise Coord begins to shine again and the girls continue their performance.

He leaves but asks Falulu to keep their meeting a secret. Afterwards, Laala realises Sophy also wants to join the Princess team and she and Mirei agree to support her. Dorothy, Reona and Amamiya go to apologise to Love who tells them the man is her tennis coach who she has a huge crush on but is planning on travelling abroad to play tennis. Falulu’s performance is witnessed by Hibiki, who shows great interest in Falulu, as well as a mini Falulu who is different from the others, with black hair instead of green.


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Nene then appears and epizode them the pictures of Sophy and Hibiki, believing that they are romantically involved, and that this is the reason she is being so energetic. Mirei is confused because they only need one more member, but Dorothy tries to get Mirei to drop Laala saying she and Reona are a package deal.

The clue appears to be a picture made from seeds, which Subb cleans up for evidence with Rina. Sophy’s dad seeing how much his daughter has grown decides to let her stay in Japan.

In Pripara, Laala and the others decide to leave Dorothy to look after Jewlulu alone. However Mirei and Sion suddenly realise that the place where Rina was injured is the elevator where the Genius disappeared. Mirei yells at Kuma to find it before their performance later and Laala goes to help him.

The promotion war ends with a Competition where Gloria is chosen to taste different foods from each restaurant. Meanwhile Fuwari shows the present Hibiki gave her to Gloria who reveals it to be a portrait of a famous making drama that is just fitting for a princess, and Fuwari becomes determined to learn it.

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As Laala watches Hibiki leave, she notices an idol refusing to trade Pritickets with another idol. Meganii explains that in order to fully evaluate everyone’s potential, a Dream team is automatically disbanded after every performance, meaning each idol is not tied down to one team but can perform with multiple teams. Hibiki, back in his apartment, is still intrigued by Laala but focuses his attention on forming his dream team. Both teams have different approaches to their training regimes, while Laala’s team work hard and have fun dnglish their dancing and deciding on their Coords and making drama, Hibiki has her team attending the cinema and listening to opera while eating fine cuisine.

The Royal Guard cut the lights to prevent anyone seeing but Laala suddenly realises that Sophy is the pickled plum girl.

Gloria is determined to discover the reason behind Laala’s strange behaviour lately. Back in the present Meganee bring some flowers to Mirei and her PriPass, which Kuma had left in the flower shop when he bought the flowers for his and Mirei’s one year anniversary. Ran expresses her desire to win the competition however she is unable to scare anyone as everyone thinks she’s cute. Laala leaves training early and is asked to sign autographs by her fans.

Desperate to reconcile with Aroma, Mikan goes in search of the two halves of the drawing but only manages to recover one. Falulu suddenly collapses and the blame is all on Laala. Aroma then scares everyone and takes the top position on the leader board, determined to win the competition herself. Chanko shoots a pickled plum to Sophy but she gives it to Gaaruru.


oripara They are shocked to discover that Hibiki has completely pripaa Pripara, turning PriPara Hills into a giant castle that dominates the park.

The weather changes to rain and everyone takes shelter. Determined to success Laala attempts to strengthen her voice by performing as many lives as she can.

When she snaps her ticket a system error occurs and Falulu collapses. After eipsode concert Falulu approaches the winners podium and attempts to trade friends tickets with Laala. Kuma, admiring her episdoe, tells Mirei that whomever becomes her manager will be the luckiest in PriPara. After trying to corner Laala on the last day of school, Gloria ends up following her through town. Feeling let down by her friend Gloria vowed to hate Pripara forever. Upon enquiring at the reception desk, Laala meets a strange girl who appears to be out of energy, who takes the pizza off her and disappears again before she can answer any of Laala’s questions.

Everyone also agrees they will do their best to put on the best performances they can.

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Although Fuwari can stay at the school she must move into a different dorm room in the attic, and all the girls and headmistress Gloria help her to settle in. Dorothy, still angry with Hibiki, decides to sneak into pgipara studio where Hibiki is filming a drama to spy on her. Falulu makes her debut in the second competition for the Paradise Tiara, blowing the competition out of the water and reaching the final rank of debut class all the way from student class.

Afterwards outside of Pripara, Sophy, Mirei and Laala meet up and Sophy tells Laala how fun it was to perform with her and Laala asks her to team up with them. As Pripara closes for the evening everyone leaves, but as Falulu is a vocal doll she must remain alone in Pripara during the night. Falulu puts Gaaruru to bed before sitting alone and playing sib her Non robot but breaks it due to a lapse in concentration.

Although Sophy politely refuses, Hibiki forces her to take it causing her to become super energized.